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Web Design \ DEC 21st 2015

25 Easy To Add Features For A Standout Website

When you set out to create your own site, you certainly need to be treating the task seriously. But this doesn’t mean that your website should turn out looking dreary and tedious. On the contrary – you want to create a website that captivates visitors with its energy and freshness.

There are various factors that can influence your site’s tone and style. The following 25 features are all here because they are highly effective at introducing impressive and vibrant finishes to any type of website, so you can nail your tone and style effortlessly. Each feature is accompanied with a link to the technical guide on how to implement it, and let’s just say you will be amazed to see how easy the whole thing is. You can thank us later. Or now.

The 25 Wix Editor Favs

Image Header

Wow visitors from the first moment your site loads with a compelling header that depicts a stunning image. The Steps.

Text on Image

Did you know that you can easily layer text on top of an image in the Wix editor? This way you can add powerful messaging to your visuals with full flexibility. The Steps.

Holiday Badges

Keep your site up to date with season’s greetings and well-timed branding. All it takes is a click. Add Here.

Anchor Menus

This revolutionary navigating method is intuitive and efficient. It lets your site visitors smoothly flow from your section to another and with minimal loading. The Steps.

Welcome Strip

We created strips to help you divide your site’s content cleverly. The welcome strip is the part that introduces your site and sets the initial mood. To check out the different designs of welcome strips, follow the steps here and choose from the Welcome presets.

add stripes_image

Image Frames

A touch of class is always a good thing. Choose one of the pre-designed image decorations to add an elegant look to your visual gallery. The Steps.

Member Sign-Up

Make your site visitors a part of the action by adding a members only section that is accessible by sign-up only. The Steps.

Upload Your Social Images

This feature collects pics directly from your various social channels and allows you to easily have them on display. Forget about double uploads. Your portfolio of beautiful images is immediately available for you to use on your site. The Steps.

Customer Review Tool

One of the most powerful marketing tools for small business owners is the word of a satisfied customer. This app is how you build leverage from them and turn it into profit. Add Here.

Color Effects for Image Galleries

Put some color on your images by using these funky hover-over effects. It adds to the sense of motion and vibrancy you want to have on your site. The Steps.

Spotify Music Player

This favorite music streaming service is also a favorite tool for playing tunes online. Whether you’re using your own music or an atmosphere background melody, Spotify is a solid choice with a lovely design. The Steps.

Dynamic Page Transition

Stepping outside the traditional browsing process, page transitions offer your site visitors a unique navigation experience. The Steps.

Highlighted Text

Keep your readers focused by helping them see your content hierarchy. Highlighted text shows priorities and emphases, and in addition, it also looks pretty neat on the page (if you make it work with your color scheme). The Steps.

Highlighted text

Image Tooltips (Hover-Over Text)

Added layers that are activated by motions keep your site looking fresh and reactive. In this case, a simple hover-over text effect sparks a dialog with the site visitors. The Steps.

Customized Gallery Thumbnails

The thumbnail pics for your image galleries are being cropped automatically. Customizing the thumbnails gives you more power over the design of your entire page. It’s in your own hands. The Steps.

Site Search

A must-have usability tool that makes your site that much more user-friendly, especially for sites with heavy textual content or with a large selection of products. Add Here.

Container Box

On the surface, these boxes look just like, well, boxes. Put them to use in your site design, though, and you’ll recognize their potential in brightening up the entire page. The Steps.

Container Box

“Coast to Coast” Image

All the way from one side to the other, this type of strip uses a wide image to generate a striking visual effect. Keep in mind that this effect only works if your image file is high-res and cropped rectangularly. The Steps.

Newsletter Subscription Pop Up

Your newsletter is up and running? Good, now it’s time to get more subscribers on your contact list and this is just the tool you need. The Steps.

Social Media Stream

Present yourself or your brand as a multi-dimensional persona by integrating your social media activity directly on your site. On top of that, this adds more rich content to your site. Whats more, it encourages visitors to continue the interaction with you on other platforms. Add Here.

“Meet the Team” List

Introduce your audience to the faces behind the website. Follow these steps to add a list and then choose one of the Team presets for customization.

Quick Animations

Fly-ins, reveals, puff-ins and more – we have a whole set of cute, unintrusive animations that you can apply to almost all design elements on your site. The Steps.

Live Chat

Want to show your visitors and potential customers that you are there for them? This app allows you to conduct live chat by demand and prove that you’re there to care. Add Here.

Polaroid-Style Image Galleries

Who doesn’t like polaroids? This gallery design recreates the beloved photography style right on your site. It’s more than an homage. It’s a statement. In the gallery design customization options, you’ll find the Polaroid Grid and apply.

FAQ List

We’re not sure, but we suspect that this feature has superpowers. Not only does it allow you to answer all open questions and solidify the reliability of your brand or service, it is an opportunity to generate an eye-to-eye dialog with your audience and throw in a couple of marketing lines here and there. If that wasn’t enough, FAQ List also boosts your site’s SEO and helps you climb up the ranking ladder. Voila! The Steps.


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