10 Incredible Websites Created with the New Wix Editor

10 Incredible Websites Created with the New Wix Editor

Ever since Wix introduced our first website builder, people have been creating amazing works of [website] art. But a lot has changed since 2007, and Wix’s newest editor is more powerful than you could imagine, with new amazing features being added constantly.

But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself. These 10 websites were all created using the brand new Wix Editor, and they’re nothing short of perfection.


Not only does this site look like a million bucks, it’s for a cause we can all stand behind: conservation. The Centre for Compassionate Conservation obviously understands that the first step in getting aid for their noble cause is setting up a fabulous online presence. Their use of Wix’s new full-width strips feature helps organize content (and those images that pull on the old heart strings) into neat and trendy looking sections.


Uzair Asif Chaudhry’s Portfolio

Before you get too jealous – it’s important to know you’re looking at the website of a UX (‘user experience’) designer. Well-versed in the laws of design flow and clean layouts, Uzair obviously knows how to put a site together. Our favorite part? His awesome use of the video background feature on his contact page.

Uzair Asif

Yoga Live

Yes, it’s in Russian, but that doesn’t mean you can pretend not to see how beautiful this website is! Yet another long-scroller, this website makes good use of multiple apps available in the Wix App Market. Yoga Live customized the form builder, scheduler and Google maps apps to fit the look and feel of the rest of the site, for a fully professional effect.

Yoga Live

Fabrique Coffee

Sensory overload – but in the best way. This little coffee shop’s branding is on fleek! Keeping consistency throughout their fabulous site, Fabrique Coffee tells their story utilizing the different sections of their long-scrolling website. There’s so much to gush over (like their amazing buttons) but what we’re digging most is their understated yet effective vertical menu.

Fabrique Coffee

Astuces Vision

You don’t have to understand French to see that this website is a ‘parfait’ (perfect) example of how to create a long scrolling, one-page stunner. This website is organized into different sections that can easily be reached and navigated from the fixed header – and the transitions are smooth like butter.

Astuces Vision

Phusi Scooter

Right off the bat, Phusi Scooter’s home page has us hooked! Come on – if you’re going to use a video background, why not go with a ridiculously cool dance routine that shows off your product? We’ve watched it at least 5 times in a row! If you had any doubt that a strong video could lock down a sale, this alone made us put the scooter at the top of our holiday wish list.

Hours Capital 

Is it just us, or did an investment firm manage to make a website that isn’t boring? More than that, their website is straight up stunning. Their use of the full-width strips feature works to their advantage and lets their stunning, high quality images get the attention they deserve.


Hausman Graphics

+Hausman Graphics claim to be masters of branding, web design and print design – and from the look of their site, we believe them. The entire website is teaming with gorgeous touches, but our favorite part is actually their fantastic footer. Seen on every page, it’s uniquely organized and just plain pretty. Sigh.

Hausman Graphics

Turtle Bay Eco Resort 

With a pristine video background of Turtle Bay to greet you, it’s almost as if looking at their home page is enough of a vacation. But what really brings us peace of mind, is their super informative and lovely to look at FAQ page. Adding one to your site is easy with the Wix FAQ app, and they did a great job of customizing theirs to fit the island vibe.

Turtle Bay Co resort

BusyBee Design 

When you’re in the market for an interior designer, chances are you won’t think to hire them if their own website doesn’t look great. BusyBee Design obviously knows that – as they’ve created a gorgeous website to fend off bad web-impressions. We simply love how they’ve organized their rich content by using Wix’s many different gallery options. Bravo, BusyBee!

Busy Bee Philly

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