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Design Inspiration \ NOV 30th 2015

Inspiration Intervention: Pinterest Boards You Should Be Following

If you identify as a foodie, fashionista, techie or DIY-er, Pinterest is where you should be. A virtual pin board full of ideas and tips for every industry, hobby and so much more – it’s the go-to online space for inspiration and information. But with so much to discover on the platform, it can be hard to know where to start.

To help you get the most out of this amazingly fast-growing social network, we picked out some great Pinterest boards to get your feet wet.

Web Design

Whether you’re completely obsessed with web design or simply looking to spruce up your site’s look, Pinterest has this subject more than covered. A virtual design Garden of Eden, you can learn about design trends, discover cool fonts or dig up a creative color scheme to use when you create a website.

For creative ideas from talented Wix users like yourself, check out the Killer Wix HTML5 Websites board. It’s full of pins that feature amazing websites that were built with the Wix platform, showing you the sky’s the limit.

We also recommend the Web Design Inspiration board. It’s chock full of great design ideas you’ll likely want to steal.

killer html websites


If you’ve got DIY in your DNA, you’ve come to the right place. These boards will have you rolling up your sleeves and making things happen all on your own in no time.

  • To get those crafty juices flowing, take a look at one our favorite DIY Furniture boards
  • Another favorite, Crazy DIY has tons of fun ideas. This lego card holder can also make a creative business card holder, for example. Your boss will be jealous!


Graphic Design

Regardless of which industry you’re in, you’ll need to play around in the world of graphic design eventually. From cd album covers to restaurant menus, not to mention business cards and logos, graphic design is the first way in which we understand a brand. If you’re looking for design ideas for your own business, look no further than these awesome boards:

Graphic Design


Every website needs stunning photos, but that doesn’t mean you need to be a professional photographer with an online portfolio. Check out what the pros are already doing to gain inspiration and a few useful tips before grabbing your camera.

  • If you love photography, you probably love cameras. Try not to get too jealous as you peruse the amazing equipment on these boards.
  • Looking for original posing ideas for your photo subjects? The Posing Ideas board will keep your inspiration well stocked.
  • For gorgeous shots that simply inspire, check out the National Geographic Daily Dozen board. It showcases some of their editor’s favorite photos from each day, and you can even vote for your favs.



The holidays are almost here and Pinterest is a fun way to discover how to bring that festive spirit to your business.


Weddings & Events

While we haven’t done a survey, we feel pretty safe in thinking that a good 50% of Pinterest users are busy planning a wedding. At this point, it’s hard to imagine how anyone made event decisions in the days before Pins! Here are a few of the best boards to follow for our brides, grooms and brave event planners out there.


Interior Design

If you run a hotel, B&B or even rent a small room in your home, you might be looking for new ways to spruce up your accommodations by adding a special design touch. Some of Pinterest’s best interior design boards can help you come up with ways to make your rooms really stand out.



Whether you’re starting to think about what dessert to make for Christmas dinner or you’re a restaurateur with a whole new menu to plan, Pinterest can save the day.

We’ll leave you with something sweet from A Daily Something’s creative director, Rebecca Gallop. If you don’t mind drooling, check out her T A S T Y board.



All of this beauty make you feverish to do something creative? Create your free website today!

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