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Promote Your Site \ NOV 19th 2015

How to Get More Online Exposure for Your Music

It’s 2015, and even the most ‘old school’ music fan has come to accept that the internet has turned the music industry on its head. Sure, Tower Records have been replaced with iTunes, but have you ever stopped to think about what it takes for new music to be spread online? Music insiders know that there’s a whole underground of online spots that music-makers must utilize to expose their tunes to new fans. Follow these suggestions to get more online exposure for your music.

How to Get More Online Exposure for Your Music

Create a Bad Ass Website for Your Band

The official online home for your music, your website is the place to mark your territory on the worldwide web, and tell your band’s story. Your website should serve as both the perfect introduction to people just discovering your sound, as well as virtual hub for fans who want to stay up to date on all things you. Creating a music website with everything you need has literally never been easier.

Check out Wix Music, our all-in-one solution to help you sell, promote and distribute your music online. Equipped with music themed website templates, a commission-free music player to showcase and sell your tunes, music distribution to 120+ online stores & streaming services, tour promotion & ticketing to name a few of the highlights. Wix Music also includes industry essentials like easy to customize electronic press kits (EPKs), making the business side of your music career that much simpler.

Geva Alon Template

Start a Following on Social Media

Music fans know this is true: one of the best ways to find out about new music is word of mouth. Since we’ve entered the digital age however, the best way to learn about the next big thing is on social media. That’s why bands who are serious about promoting their music need to be serious about social media. Having a social presence means more than opening up a Facebook page for your band; it requires a smart strategy that sets the tone for who you are off stage. Own your voice on social media by posting not only content that directly relates to your music – like band videos, and digital music files – but also stuff that ties into who you are as people. Does the band support a particular cause? Do you have a twisted sense of humor off stage? Diversifying what you share online not only gives your fans more insight as to who you are as a band, it can also pull in followers who will discover your music through those fun things you share.

Your social media pages are the perfect stage to start building a relationship; get to know your fans better by posting a question on your page, or let them get to know you better by sharing behind the scenes moments from your new album’s recording sessions or snippets of life on tour. Once you’ve got a steady stream of content, utilize your awesome social media presence to generate new content for your website by adding a social stream to your site.

Social Media

Show Up on Music Streaming Sites

Music streaming sites like Spotify, Rdio & Last.fm have become the default source for people to not only play, but also discover their next favorite band. Don’t miss out on that great exposure by adding your music to those streaming services. Many streaming services pair up your music with bands who have a similar sound, so don’t skim on the details when filling out your band’s portfolio.

Luckily, adding your music to the world’s most popular sites is a no-brainer with Wix Music on your side. The Wix Music premium plan automatically adds your music to more than 120 stores and streaming services to give your tunes ultimate exposure.


Get on PodCasts & Blogs

Music bloggers and podcasters are the authority on spreading good music. Earn your music some street cred and loyal new fans by building a relationship with these guys. Not sure where to begin? Why not start local! There are plenty of journalists right in your neighborhood who are looking to profile breakthrough talent in the city.

Most bloggers and podcasters have their emails and social media information in their articles and profiles, so drop them a line with a well crafted email including your EPK and a digital copy of your latest single.

Ready to take your music to the masses? Create a Wix Music website to promote, sell and distribute your music online for free!

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