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Small Business Tips \ NOV 5th 2015

Hotel Biz Owner? Optimize Your Hospitality Website for Guests On the Go

Today’s vacationers aren’t just taking to the web to book their upcoming stay, they’re doing it from their phones and tablets. So with that said, does your accommodation have a red carpet mobile experience waiting for them?

If you’re in the hospitality business and want to fill up those empty rooms, you better start abiding by these 4 absolute ‘DOs’ and 4 complete ‘DON’Ts’.

DO have a stunningly mobile-friendly website

It just so happens that setting up a professional website that not only looks great, but functions well on mobile is easy with Wix. With website templates tailored for the hospitality industry’s specific needs, you not only look professional, but with the Wix Hotels app added to your website, you can run your business more efficiently. Learn all about it, here.

Hotel Biz Owner? Optimize Your Hospitality Website for Guests On the Go

DON’T overload your mobile site with unnecessary information

You may think that the more information, content and even images you have on your mobile site the better, but the contrary is actually true. People don’t want to be bombarded with a mess of details, meaning that the content on your mobile site needs to be streamlined and stripped down. Make it easy for site viewers to get the information they need to decide they like your hotel, then make it easy for them to book. End of story.

DO have a great mobile booking option

Wix Hotels gives you the complete package in this area – and Wix doesn’t take a cent of commission for it. Once you set up your website using Wix Hotels, your guests can book on the go with ease – while you collect all the profit.

Hotel Biz Owner? Optimize Your Hospitality Website for Guests On the Go

DON’T let double bookings happen

Even if you have your rooms listed on multiple booking channels like Airbnb, Expedia, booking.com and more, it doesn’t mean double bookings should be a reality. Wix Hotels users can now use the MyAllocator app to help manage all of the bookings that come in from different channels into one calendar, so you never have to worry about a double booking again.

DO allow your guests to book in their own language

It’s easy to do and your international guests will likely thank you with a reservation. Find out how to make it happen, here.

DON’T simply translate your website’s content

If you’re going to make the online experience up to par for your international guests, you need to do it the right way. In other words, simply translating your copy will be seen as a half effort – if you want to convert your site visitors into guests you’ll need to localize. Here’s what we’re getting at.

DO send your soon-to-be guest a friendly confirmation email

…And you don’t even need to think twice about it – with Wix Hotels, you can set up an automatic confirmation email to go out to your newly booked guest. Go ahead and personalize the message for an added branded touch. Here’s how to do it in just a few steps.

send your soon-to-be guest a friendly confirmation email

DON’T hesitate to give guests a comeback offer when they book online

Everyone likes a good deal, and if your guests enjoyed their stay, a little discount could mean the difference between their booking again or not.

DO stay on top of all new WixHotels features that come out

Keeping your website in top shape is a huge part of your business’s success, but staying on top of Wix Hotels’ new features could actually save you a lot of work. Designed to make running your business easier, you don’t want to miss a thing like the latest integration with Trip Advisor. What does it do exactly? You can now integrate your hotel with TripConnect™ so that your hotel appears in Trip Advisor’s price results – an essential part of bringing more direct bookings to your site. For more details, click here.

DON’T be shy!

If you have questions, we have answers. Feel free to get in touch with the Wix team any time by contacting our dedicated support team.


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