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Promote Your Site \ NOV 11th 2015

Grow Your Music Fanbase with the Web’s Most Powerful Marketing Tool

Musicians, meet your marketing BFF. With record sales on a steady decline, people from all walks of the music industry have turned to email marketing for new and innovative ways to promote their music online.

Artists like Coldplay, Wilco and Ed Sheeran have all used email marketing as their main method to promote their music online. Find out how you can mimic their marketing moves to promote your music with free newsletter templates  (and a killer music website) too.

Grow Your Music Fanbase with the Web's Most Powerful Marketing Tool

Why Coldplay’s Album Cost Only an Email Address

Coldplay’s 2009 live album ‘Left Right Left Right’ was released as a free download on the band’s website – and all it cost fans was a copy of their email address. While this may seem like a generous move, marketing insiders estimate that the average fan’s email address is worth approx. $3.78 to musicians (almost 4x the price of a song on iTunes). So that ‘free download’ can earn your band more than a few pretty pennies in the long run.

How to Recreate Coldplay’s Email Marketing Move:
Trade your website visitor’s email address for a free digital download by adding the Get Subscribers app to your Wix Website.  The Get Subscribers app serves as a newsletter sign-up message that pops up the first time someone visits your site. Simply customize the text in your Get Subscribers app to ask your site visitors to share their emails in exchange for a free download. Then, use smart actions to automatically send a welcome email (including that free download) to anyone who signs up. Seriously, could your email marketing be any easier?!

Get Subscribers app

Wilco Pre-Released Their New Album Over Email

Much like Coldplay, Wilco released their 2015 album ‘Star Wars’ first to fans who signed up to a special mailing list on the band’s website. By giving fans exclusive access to something via a mailing list, bands like Wilco can take advantage of a fresh stream of fan email addresses that they can then use for future promotions, like tour date announcements.

How to Recreate Wilco’s Email Marketing Move:
Promote your new album by adding a music player to your Wix ShoutOut newsletter, and give fans access to new music without ever leaving their inbox. Add the entire album, or a sneak peak of your next single, the choice is yours. Plus, you can give your fans the option to download music right off your music player. Here’s how to add music to your Wix ShoutOut newsletter.


Ed Sheeran Used Email Marketing to Sell Concert Tickets

Ed Sheeran had one of the hottest tours of 2015, and he gave exclusive pre-sale access to his newsletter subscribers first. By speaking directly to his biggest fans, Ed filled up seats faster, and to the most deserving people first.

How to Recreate Ed’s Email Marketing Move:
Get your fans pumped up for your upcoming shows by announcing tour days via your newsletters. While you’re at it, add an event RSVP directly on your Wix ShoutOut to get people to sign up or even buy tickets right from their email inbox.

ShoutOut Newsletter

Ryan Adams Gave Fans a Behind the Scenes Look of 1989

Remember all the hype that Ryan Adams got for the release of his 1989 cover album? His perfectly executed album release was deemed a massive success partially thanks to rough cuts and behind the scenes photos and videos that Ryan shared in his social media and email marketing.

How to Recreate Ryan Adam’s Email Marketing Move:
Your newsletter mailing list is made up of your biggest target audience. Keep the open rate high on your emails, (and fans begging for more) by including behind the scenes photos and videos in the emails you send.

ShoutOut Newsletter

Ready to promote your music online? Grow your fanbase with Wix’s free email templates.

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