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Web Design \ NOV 3rd 2015

How To Use Your Phone To Shoot The Perfect Video Background

One of the most exciting features to recently enter the Wix treasure box is the ability to upload your own videos as your website’s background. Video backgrounds create a vibrant and dynamic user experience, drawing site visitors in while transmitting information clearly to them. All in all, a feature with mad star quality.

Of course, if you are going to use a video on such a prominent piece of website real estate as the background, you want to be positively sure that it meets certain quality standards and represents your site and your brand properly.

Fortunately, producing legit videos for your website does not have to involve professional production teams and advanced videography gear. With the right amount of creativity and a little practice, you can shoot awesome videos straight from your mobile device. To help you get started, we created this guide for taking mobile videos that will help you get the best results.

Action! Shoot Amazing Mobile Videos for your Site Background

Plan the lighting

Even more than in mobile still photography, good, strong lighting is a necessity for shooting a clear video. You want to use a bright natural daylight sun (but never in front of it, of course) or a powerful lighting body for filming indoors.

Don’t move

Unless you are extremely gifted with stability, moving around while shooting mobile videos is just not a good idea. Try to keep motion to the minimum if at all. Ideally, you can use some kind of support to avoid the outcome of shaky hands. Some devices have destabilization features for video cameras. If this exists on your phone, be sure to activate it.

Skip the audio

Since we are specifically referring to videos for the purpose of site backgrounds here, we suggest that you skip the sound and keep it mute. A soundtrack on your video background will automatically play when visitors load the page, which is something that many internet users are strictly opposed to. If you still want to use audio, consider adding it in the editing stage since your mobile device will likely not be able to record sounds in the proper quality.

Turn it sideways

You definitely want to shoot your video with the device held horizontally. Period. Videos shot vertically simply will not look good on all screen sizes.

Focus on the subject

Make sure you are not filming a scene in a very dense environment that is filled with distractions, like a very cluttered room or a busy street. Your video needs a coherent focus, even if it simply plays on the background of your site.

Experiment with video apps

There are some impressive technologies available now on mobile app stores that can seriously improve your videography. You should browse your relevant store and search for something that matches your needs and your budget. Before you make any purchases, make sure you view sample videos shot with the app.

phone icons-07

Rehearse and repeat

The background is too important to your site’s overall design for allowing any sloppiness. Be patient when shooting your mobile videos and give yourself enough time for rehearsals and retakes. If the end result is that you have a superb video playing on your website’s background then trust us, it is totally worth it.


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