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Small Business Tips \ NOV 10th 2015

8 Quick “Holiday Boosts” for Your Website

Andy Williams said it best: “it’s the most wonderful time of the year!” If you’re a business owner with products to sell, the weeks leading up to the year’s biggest holiday season are crucial to your annual profits. In 2014, the total consumer spending during the winter holidays came in at a cool $602.1B (that’s ‘B’ as in ‘billion’)! If you’re wondering what the total consumer spending was for all of 2014? It was $750B. With these numbers, you don’t have to be a math genius to understand that the holiday rush means serious business.

So when should you start? Now. How do you start? We’re here to guide you.

6 Quick "Hoilday Boosts" for Your Website

Deck Your Website Out With Holiday Flare

Adding some holiday spice to your website’s design is easy if your website is built with Wix. You can easily change up your website’s color scheme with different hues of reds, greens, blues, yellows, and more, or you can even upload a wintery video background. Another way to show your holiday spirit? There’s tons of lovely holiday themed clip art available for free, right from inside the Wix editor.

Spread Good Cheer With a Sale

With the holiday rush in full force, a good discount can be the difference between closing a deal or not. The nature of your sale is up to you – you can slash prices on all of your merchandise, or choose specific items you want to push. Applying a sale to the products in your online store gallery is simple through your store manager, and it looks great.

Spread Good Cheer With a Sale

Create a Dedicated Page On Your Site For Your Sale Items

If you’ve chosen to designate certain items at special holiday prices, make them easy to find on your website by creating a page for them alone. You can offer great gifting ideas, recommend items to compliment others, and so much more. Adding a page to your Wix website takes only a matter of steps, and once the sale is over, you can choose to hide the page or delete it all together. Effective and easy. 

Give Your Customers a Reason To Buy In Bulk

For a lot of online consumers, shipping costs will be the reason they don’t complete a purchase at checkout. Why not show your holiday spirit by offering a sweet deal on shipping? With Wix, you can set shipping costs based on weight, so in order for a customer to qualify for free shipping, they’re going to have to buy a certain amount. So long as you’re not selling pianos, this is a great incentive for your customers to buy more than they might have initially.


Create a Comeback Coupon

The good news: creating a coupon code takes a matter of seconds within the Wix website builder. The even better news: people love them! Consumers are way more likely to make a purchase when they have an incentive like a coupon. Once you’ve got one, you’ll need to let everyone know about it! You can spread the word via your social channels, on a banner or badge on your website, or with a Wix ShoutOut email newsletter. For best results, we suggest doing all three. 

Send Out a Holiday-Themed Email Blast

Wix ShoutOut provides the perfect solution for your email marketing needs. Don’t let the term ’email marketing’ scare you off, though. Think of it instead as an effective way of communicating your holiday offers with your contacts. Wix ShoutOut gives you lots of beautiful styles to choose from, and you can customize them all for a warm holiday feel. Once the design is to your liking, all you have to do is add your message and click send.

Wix ShoutOut

Target Your Potential Customers On Facebook

If you’ve created an email with Wix ShoutOut, you can turn that ShoutOut into a Facebook advertisement (promoted post) with just a few clicks. Now that beautiful content you created can go to work for you in two ways, and you can see double the results. 

Don’t Forget To Promote Everything On Your Social Channels

This one may go without saying… but you can’t neglect your social channels! Whether your business has a Facebook page, active Twitter account, lively Instagram or all three – you need to be spreading the word about the holiday deals you’ve got on your website. Organic reach might be on the decline, but a little bit of extra effort on your social channels can still bring in some sales.


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