Musicians: Get Heard by Millions with Wix Music’s #OpeningAct

As you already know we just rolled-out Wix Music, our easy all-in-one solution for selling, promoting and distributing your music online. But hey, we’ve got a lot more in store for all of you musicians out there.

We want to help you get your voice heard. That’s why we created  #OpeningAct –  A unique YouTube campaign we’re launching that puts you, Wix musicians, in the spotlight. Over the course of 1 week we’ll be generating over 100 Million views for your music videos! Best part of it all? Wix is picking up the tab.

First We Take YouTube, Then You Take the World

Here’s how Opening Act works:

  • Submit your Music Go to the Opening Act campaign website and submit your music video or audio file. Submissions are open until November 2nd, 2015.

  • Choose your musical genre Tell us more about your style so that we can pre-roll your music as the Opening Act to the biggest stars in your music niche. This also guarantees that we show your music to the YouTube viewers who are most likely to become your diehard fans!

  • Take over YouTube Ready to roll? Starting November 4th, we’ll be conquering YouTube with your music! For a week, all popular music videos on YouTube will be preceded by the music videos of Wix musicians like you. This means that millions and millions of people will be watching, discovering and sharing your music on the world’s biggest online stage.

What Makes #OpeningAct So incredible?

#OpeningAct is a campaign where your music and talent are the only things that matter. Participation is 100% free and open to all Wix Music users.  All you have to do is submit your music to #OpeningAct; the rest is on us. Want your music video to make the shortlist? Guarantee your place at the spotlight & join Wix Music’s #OpeningAct now!

By The Wix Team

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