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Wix Updates \ OCT 7th 2015

Proudly Introducing the Stunning New Wix Editor!

Since we’ve launched our HTML5 web design publishing platform in 2012, we’ve been showing the world how easy, exciting and cost-effective it is to build your own website, DIY style. From the get go our mission has been to bring technologically advanced and feature-rich solutions to all users, regardless of their background, budget or technical know-how. Today, with over 72 million users worldwide, we’re happy to announce another great leap: a new and completely redesigned Wix Editor that will fire your website straight into the future. Designed with both ease of use and functionality in mind, the new Wix editor offers a unique, never-seen-before design experience in a free DIY web design platform.

The New Wix Editor: Redefining “WOW”

The new Wix Editor was designed to help you create a rich and visually superior online experience for your clients and website visitors. It lets you tell your story in the most striking, compelling, and effective way, while providing top notch functionality and performance. Best of all? The new Wix Editor is tailored to support and meet your unique business needs, whatever industry you’re in. Our industry-specific website templates, coupled with bull’s eye apps and your industry’s must-have features, guarantee that your website will work towards the right goals, at the right time.

Ready to take a leap? Take a look at what you can achieve right now by building your website with the new Wix Editor:

Full-Screen Or Strip Video Background: Attract, Engage, Captivate

A picture speaks a thousand words but a video speaks a million. Today more than ever, brands are waking up to the power of full-screen video backgrounds to instantly captivate clients. Nike is doing it, Apple is doing it, and with a few simple clicks, you can do it. Easily upload your video or choose one from our amazing free video library.

Upload your video background now>>

Strips Layout: Create an Unparalleled Browsing Experience

As a website owner, you want your clients to be able to quickly detect and respond to your most valuable content. But what if you have lots of content? With our new full-width strips you can easily create a beautiful design where pages are split into clear sections. Like a bit of variety? Give each strip its own unique design and offer your visitors a compelling experience. Add videos, images, animations and graphics to your strips, change strips’ color and quickly rearrange them on your website by simply dragging and dropping them.

Add strips to your website>>

Parallax effect: Give your Website a Whole New Dimension

Heard about the “parallax” trend in web design? It’s just a few clicks away from your website. The parallax effect creates an illusion of added “depth” or “third dimension” to your website by making viewers feel that distant objects are moving at a slower rate than closer ones. If you’re looking for a totally different visual experience, parallax scrolling may just be your thing.

Add Parallax to your website>>

Anchor Menus & Pin to Screen: Build Flawless Long Scrolling Websites

Nothing says 2015 like beautiful, long-scrolling websites. Even if you’re not a fan, you can’t escape the logic behind the long scrolling trend: creating a new navigation system that is perfectly adapted to the ever growing number of mobile users. Our new anchor menus and “pin to screen” features are the perfect companions to healthy long scrolling websites. They ensure that your most critical content always remains “glued” to the screen, while your visitors continue to freely scroll down your website.

Start your long-scrolling website>>

Extreme Personalization: Choose What Works for YOU

Each industry has its own set of requirements and challenges and even businesses in the same industry are never completely alike. The new Wix editor allows you to be as specific as you dare with your web design and customize your website to perfection.You can reposition, recolor, crop, scale, align, copy, drag and drop any element on your website with a simple choose and click option. To make your work easier for you, the new Wix editor boasts hundreds of pre-designed elements for you to choose from: buttons, menus, strips, backgrounds, banners, shapes, galleries and dozens of other stunning options.

Design your own unique website>>

Incredible Ease of Use: Save Time & Long Support Calls

The new Wix editor was built, developed and designed with our users in mind. The idea is to give you a tool that doesn’t require “getting used to” but an intuitive and user-friendly platform that helps you carry out tasks quickly and easily. You can start designing your website as soon as you land in the editor without taking breaks for learning or “digging” for hidden features. Everything you need is already laid out for you and you’ll even get recommendations for powerful apps and tools you should include based on your business niche.

Create a new website within minutes>>

Like what you see? Go the new Wix editor and create your website today!

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