New from Wix: Win Over Site Visitors With Amazing Video Backgrounds!

Video Killed the Radio Star: Introducing Video Backgrounds!

Having video on your website can be a powerful way to show – instead of tell – what your business is all about. With the new Wix Editor adding a video background to your site is now easier than ever. Whether it’s the bustling vibe of your restaurant, your band’s electric stage presence, or your top mechanic’s sturdy hand, video backgrounds are the easiest way to add the illusion of your business’s experience to your online space.

Never played with videos before? You can upload your own video or pick one from our fully stocked video library, here’s all you need to do:

1. Click ‘Background’ on the left side of the Editor.

2. Click Video & Select a video.

3. Click Apply.

Ready to Bring Your Site to Life? Tips & Tricks for Creating Your Own Beautiful Video Background:

Customize: You can easily upload your own video or choose from Wix’s free video background library, but hey, that’s not all! You can also add cool effects to your video background right from your Wix Editor. Add stunning overlay patterns, customize your video’s color, or change the speed of your video screen to create the exact look you’re after.

Segment with Strips: One of the best things about adding video to your background is that you usually don’t need to incorporate the entire frame of your clip to get your point across. Add your video background to only parts of your page by embedding it within a strip.

Subtlety is Key: No video background stands alone. Your video background should aim to highlight elements on your website, and not distract viewers from doing what you want them to do on your website, whether that’s buying your products, scheduling an appointment or subscribe to your newsletter.

Contrasting Colors: When selecting the text for your page use contrasting colors to help your content stand out against your video. Have a darker video? Consider a lighter text color.

Be Seen, Not Heard: It’s no mistake that most video backgrounds are played on mute. While a silent video background can mesmerize your site viewers, when paired with auto-played music you run the risk of annoying your audience.

Pair with Parallax: Add an extra layer of depth to your screen by placing your video background behind a parallax scroll.

Keep Mobile in Mind: It’s important to note that your video background will not appear on the mobile version of your site. Use the Mobile Editor to change that area on your page with a beautiful static background for your mobile viewers.

Try Video Backgrounds For Yourself Get Started With One of Our Beautiful New Templates!

By The Wix Team

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