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How to Get More Subscribers to your Mailing List

How to Get More Subscribers to your Mailing List

Newsletters are not only one of the oldest methods of online marketing, they are definitely one of the most effective as well. The direct and personal contact that takes place in the subscribers’ own inbox can be very compelling, especially if your newsletters excel in distributing relevant and valuable content to your target audience.

Most novices in the field of newsletters rightfully invest their efforts in producing high-quality emails, but they neglect the other critical aspect of running a successful mailing list – increasing the subscribers’ rate to expand their marketing reach.

Granted, getting more and more people to subscribe to your mailing list is not a simple task. Still, there are clear actionable steps that you can take that will definitely make a difference. Allow us to elaborate:

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Make it easy to subscribe

The subscription process has to be as seamless as possible. You should include a subscribing option in a prominent place on your website – either on the homepage itself, or by creating a designated page that is accessible directly from the navigation menu.

On your Wix site, you can use the Get Subscribers feature to easily create an eye-catching subscription form. The sign up forms you create with this feature are designed to simplify the registration to the max.

Create shareable newsletters

If your newsletters offer great content with valuable information, your subscribers are more likely to share them with their own contacts. This way, they help you expand your reach to new audiences and expose your newsletters to more potential subscribers.

Remember, great content doesn’t stop with the written text. Your newsletters must be designed to leave an impression. Fortunately, we can help you with this as well. Wix ShoutOut is a newsletter tool that allows you to create and distribute beautiful and powerful newsletters. Similarly to the Wix website editor, with ShoutOut you have a selection of stunning newsletter templates to choose from, which you then customize with a few simple clicks.

Check out a few of our favorite Wix ShoutOut templates you can customize:

Wix ShoutOut

Promote your mailing list explicitly

Want to make sure people know about your awesome mailing list? Tell them about it! Use your social media profiles (business and personal) to encourage people to subscribe, and give them a taste by adding a link to a recent newsletter or just the title of the most successful one.

You can add a brief line to your email signature that calls for direct action (“Join the mailing list!”). Of course, don’t forget to add the link to the subscription form. Remember that we want to keep the sign up process as hassle-free as humanly possible.

Collect contact info on live events

If you interact with your target audience at special events, be sure to come ready with a neat sign up form, a pen and a clip board, keep it at the entrance or pass it around to collect contacts. It may sound like an archaic method but it is still quite effective. We always use the good ol’ paper form when we hold Wix workshops or user meetups and we always end up with new contacts.

Add newsletter benefits

Give your subscribers the feeling that by signing up to your mailing list they are entering an exclusive VIP club that is entitled to special benefits. These benefits can come in the form of additional information, discount codes, invitations to events, participation in raffles, etc. Don’t forget to mention these perks when you appeal to potential subscribers.

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