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Promote Your Site \ OCT 9th 2015

7 Tweaks for a Killer LinkedIn Profile

Looking to brush up your LinkedIn profile? More than just a website you visit when daydreaming about making a career switch, LinkedIn is a living and breathing online arena of your life’s work.

LinkedIn is the place to show off your expertise as an industry leader, mingle with like-minded people in your field, and when used correctly it can even be a great place to generate traffic to your website.

7 Tweaks for a Killer LinkedIn Profile

Stand out on the world’s most professional social network by following these keys to success:

Put Your Best Face Forward

When it comes to first impressions, we as humans are a pretty visual bunch; that’s why it’s essential to select the perfect, professional-looking profile pic.

Here are the golden rules for finding a profile pic that’s Linkedin approved:

  • Dress for success
    If LinkedIn pics came with a dress code it would be business casual. This means if you’re searching your archives for the perfect pic, avoid anything too formal. Need help finding the perfect outfit? Your rule is this: if you’d wear it to the office, you can wear it in your profile.
  • Say cheese!
    As the old saying goes, people do business with people they like. In the online world, the easiest way to get to know someone, or at least look like the kind of person someone would like to approach, is by smiling in your picture. No one wants to bring in a bad attitude for a morning interview.
  • Get face to face
    Your profile pic should show off, well you! As a rule of thumb, your face should take up at least 3/4 of your profile picture’s square.

More great tips on selecting the perfect profile pic in this video from LinkedIn:

Extra Extra Read All About You!

Unlike your standard resume, your LinkedIn profile can be written in a more casual tone. From your headline to your summary, remember this is still a social network. Make sure to show off who you are as a person, and not just an employee.

Start with a killer headline:
How would you describe what you do in 120 characters? Odds are there’s more to you than your title and that’s what we want to read. Use this space to highlight your strongest traits that make you stand out in the world-place (not just the workplace).

Do an SEO Audit on Your Page

By now you’ve probably noticed that social media pages (like your LinkedIn profile) are some of the first things that pop up when someone runs a Google search on you. What you may not have realized is that many people – like headhunters and recruiters –  use LinkedIn to conduct professional searches too. With over 5.7 Billion professionally oriented job searches conducted on LinkedIn each year, you’ll want to make sure that you’re selecting the right keywords to match what recruiters in your area are looking for.

Just like you would on your website, you can take the time to investigate the right keywords for your profile by conducting a Google Keyword search. We’ve got more great tips on finding the right keywords in this blog post.

Own Your Online Addresses

You may have been first on the scene to secure your Twitter handle, but how serious are you about your LinkedIn address? Give your profile a professional edge by customizing your Linkedin profile’s URL. Not only does this make you look more tech savvy, but your cleaner profile will be a heck of a lot more friendly to share than the **asterisk** riddled default link.

Strategically Organize Your Page

Think your academic achievements deserve more top-shelf real estate than your career experience? Are some of your skills and endorsements more relevant than others? Pretty much everything on your LinkedIn profile can be reshuffled and reorganized as you see fit. So go on and move things around so that there’s no way someone will miss the most impressive bits about you!

Do Good Work? Prove it!

It’s a fact: showing is a heck of a lot more impressive than telling. Put this saying to use by adding videos, links, photos and presentation examples to all the areas of your profile. One link you’ll definitely want to add to your profile is your online resume. Position your web site center stage on your page by adding a link to your summary section.

Spread Your Knowledge

Like we mentioned above, Linkedin is the premiere place to position yourself as an expert in your field. Arguably the best way to do this is by sharing trade secrets and industry insight in a blog post. Linkedin has it’s own posting platform to share your thoughts directly with your professional contacts. Plus, if you’re already an avid blogger, LinkedIn is the perfect place to re-purpose your content for an added SEO boost.

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