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Design Inspiration \ OCT 13th 2015

5 Artists You Really Can’t Wait to Know

Have you been getting your regular dosage of culture lately? Yes or no, allow us to feed you a healthy amount of inspirational art works.

The cool thing about the five artists we are about to introduce is that you can enjoy their creativity and genius right on your computer screen. We love how the web allows artists to share their work with the whole world in unprecedented ways, and we are proud to be a part of this movement by giving artists the ability to create beautiful art portfolios easily.

Without further ado, please welcome five artists that will blow your mind with their brilliance:

1Dias From the Collective of Artists aNUS >> 

1Dias is the stage name of Gabriel Dias, a mesmerizing graffiti artist and member of the Brazilian art collective aNUS. He uses a variety of public surfaces as a canvas, leaving his mark on all kinds of unexpected spaces.



Pyper Gray >>

Los-Angeles based artist Pyper Gray materializes incredible visions through her works of graphic art. The vivid colors and combination of abstract geometry with fine details creates a spectacle that demands the viewers’ attention.
Paper Grey Paper Grey

Ms. Roda >>

Luz Rodriguez Dager, aka Ms. Roda, is a hilarious and talented illustration artist and cartoonist from Ecuador. Her works are both cute and sarcastic, and they help blur the line between “high art” and human art.



Martin Roller >>

In his studio in Berlin, Germany, concept artist Martin Roller is bringing a whole new perspective to everyday artifacts and situations. It takes a truly creative mind to look at familiar objects and see something new in them, which is why Roller’s works are so powerful and smart.

Martin Roller Martin Roller Martin Roller

Joshua Moir >>

It is impossible not to fall in love with Joshua Moir’s universe of characters. Based in Southern California, Moir is clearly inspired by his surroundings and culture, resulting in works that look something like Disney meets Freud. A must-click.

Joshua Moir Joshua Moir Joshua Moir


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