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Wix \ OCT 16th 2015

4 Ways Wix.com’s Home Page Just Got Better

We’ve been keeping busy here at Wix HQ – Not only have we reinvented the Wix Editor, we’ve also used it to give our own website a stunning make-over. From start to finish our team of exceptional designers and an army of tech wizards reimagined Wix.com.                             

Just like we encourage you to do, we started by setting our goals. We wanted to create a stunning website, improve the user experience and showcase some remarkable Wix users for the world to see. Starting from scratch meant that we could return to our core values – easy, stunning and all about you. Designing with this in mind was no small feat, but nothing worth working hard for is easy.

Lets pull back the curtain and break down Wix.com, our new industry-specific gateways, and some tips you can easily implement on your own Wix website.


From Our Home Page to Your Gateway

The last thing we want is for someone to enter Wix.com and feel overwhelmed. To ensure a smoother and easier user experience we created an entirely new personalized system. Just answer the question “What kind of website would you like to create?” and you’ll be directed to a website offering tailored information, templates and features all put together to match your business needs . It’s like having a website building concierge do the filtering for you!

Take Away: Minimize visitors spending time searching through your content. As you build your website, play around from their point of view and adjust your design to make it as easy as possible.  

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Our Features Are Your Features

With the launch of the new Wix Editor, making something stunning is a breeze. Our home page integrates video backgrounds, parallax scrolling, and a strip layout. These three design features are our pillars for the same reason we worked tirelessly to offer them to users – because advanced designs and awesome websites shouldn’t be limited to big brands.

Take Away: Create a dynamic and immersive website by using video backgrounds, parallax scrolling, and strips.

We <3 Wix Users

When re-designing Wix.com it was important for us to show off the exceptional websites our users have created using the power of Wix. That is why each gateway showcases real websites built by real Wix users. After all, you guys are our best source of inspiration.  

Take Away: Inspire new website visitors by highlighting your current customers and the ways they interact with your business.

Our Design Hacks

When designing a content-rich website you could easily slip into a fragmented look. The way to avoid this is by creating a unified visual language. We started this process by deciding on style elements, font, colors, and an overall feeling.

Our design team also spent a great deal of time toying with color, and the proportions between text, image and animation. We focused on creating a balance between visually dynamic pages and engaging and textual content your eye will go straight to reading.

Between the mobile and social web, site visitors are no longer afraid to scroll. With this in mind, designers are breaking the mold and re-inventing long-scrolling websites. This is where the strip layout was essential in giving us the freedom to divide our content and keep our visitors browsing.

Take Away: Experiment with EVERYTHING and have fun as you develop your website’s unique visual language.

Remember, it’s not about rules, it’s about creating the website you want exactly the way you want it.


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