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Design Inspiration \ SEP 25th 2015

World Wide Wix: Websites We ❤️

Much like there’s no one definition of “beauty,” a stunning website can come in countless forms. There are different color schemes, layout choices, fun fonts, icons and more – but generally speaking what makes a website stand out is a certain ‘je ne sais quoi.’

While we can’t crown just one website the fairest in the land (or in this case, the world), here are some top contenders that certainly made us do a double take.


With one glance, Paris-based graphic designer Arnaud Burron’s website has our attention. From his graphic logo, to his inviting anchor icons, this designer proves he’s the guy for your next project.

websites around the world


While Yakutsk might be known as one of the coldest cities on earth, this website makes us want to brave the frostbite for a cup of joe from this coffee shop, anyway. Take a look at their site for yourselves and be honest: don’t you wish it scrolled endlessly?

websites around the world 2


When it comes to the animation feature, we always suggest less is more – but this French duo found just the right balance for their home page’s vertical menu. Click through to their super fun site to see for yourself, and enjoy.

websites around the world 4


You don’t have to speak Japanese to appreciate the delicate design work at play on this website. Clean and minimal in its approach, it mirrors the branding put forth in their products and packaging, and scores high points in our book.

websites around the world 5


This website shows that people in Australia know how to have fun (at least with their site’s design). Almost every page of this website comes to life and tells a well-thought out story through icons, images and their cleverly placed animations. They weren’t kidding – it truly is a breath of fresh air.

websites around the world 6


If you have a passion for pattern, you’re going to love this. Gara of Japan is constantly thinking outside the basic [design] box and is creating beautiful and intricate patterns that has us drooling. With that said, they still managed to approach their website’s design with a delicate touch, keeping the focus on their brilliant works.

websites around the world 7


His bio says it all: ” Jon is a Brooklyn-based creative director, multimedia instructor, and digital jack-of-all-trades.” Spend just a few seconds perusing his website and you know that Jon is talented at what he does. Check out his ‘Clients’ page and you’ll see why he gets the Wix seal of approval.

websites around the world 8


When it comes to ecommerce, products are basically only as good as the images that show them. Tienda Long Board of Spain obviously figured this out because their products look beyond amazing. From their main images in their slider to their product gallery, everything looks so good we almost bought one of each.

websites around the world 9


Can you handle the cuteness?! This Italian startup that helps other startups get off the ground successfully, created a warm and welcoming website that definitely makes you want to get to know them and learn more about their services.

websites around the world 10


When you think of cuisine in Brazil, you probably don’t think of sushi first. Moshi Moshi of Rio de Janeiro might make you think twice about that. The combo of high quality (and delicious-looking) images of their food with a website that’s design is totally fun makes us wish they delivered across the globe.

websites around the world 11


Ukraine-based artist and illustrator Nadiya puts her talents on full display on her website, and the result is completely charming. Take a look around her site and enjoy the cute tune she’s added on autoplay – we’ve been humming it all day.

websites around the world 12


If you’re in Chile and want to purchase an extreme bike, Ural Carbon Bike has you covered. Sure, there may be other places you can buy a bike, but will they have an awesome website like this one? Doubt it.

websites around the world 13


Located less than an hour from Brazil’s bustling capitol, this scenic retreat promises R&R; and going on their website alone, we believe they’ll keep that promise. If you’re looking to move to the Sao Paolo area, you might want to schedule a visit at this slice of heaven. The luxury property is up for sale!

websites around the world 14



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