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Labor Day Special: Things You Can Accomplish in a 3 Day Weekend

As you wave goodbye to summer, head into Labor Day weekend with a go-getter attitude. Take advantage of your long weekend by asking yourself, what have I been meaning to do that I put off all season?

For those looking for a little inspiration, we’ve got you covered!

Labor Day Special: Things You Can Accomplish in a 3 Day Weekend

Finish a Good Book

Having trouble getting past page 52? Push on friend, and finish that thing once and for all. WikiHow offers a play by play to keep you going.

Perfect Your BBQ Skills

Before you have to roll that grill back into the shed, make sure you’ve learned how to serve up the perfect piece of meat. Play around and then invite a few friends over for a final summer party.

Teach Your Dog New Tricks

Wouldn’t it be fun to play fetch with your pup over a long weekend? Take some time out while the weather is lovely and teach your dog fun new tricks like this one:

Grow Your Own Rock Candy

Why? Because you’ll be the coolest person ever. Here’s how.

Build an Epic Fort

Embrace your inner child and do something totally silly and super fun. Have kids in the family? It’s even better as a group activity!

Bake Bread

Here are 30 quick recipes to get you started.

Build Furniture

Have a 12 piece wooden dresser sitting around in a box (from a store that will remain nameless)? Yeah, you and everyone else. Don’t let another weekend fly by without putting that thing together. Blast some music and make it happen.

Make a Donation

As the seasons change, it is the perfect time to pack a bag of give-away clothes and actually give them away. The age old rule is that if you haven’t used something in a year, you don’t need it. Check your local listing for a drop-off location and make someone really happy with your hand-me-downs.

Meet Your Neighbors

Now’s as good a time as any to make new friends. Having a nice relationship with your neighbors can make all the difference when you end up needing a helping hand. Go out there (cookies in tow) and say hi!

Get Over Your Ex

Getting over your recent love isn’t easy, but it’s time to rip off that band-aid, bring out the ice cream, and get over it! Take this quiz to figure out all the must-have ingredients you’ll need to move on.

Write Your Bucket List and Check One Thing Off

Because that’s awesome!

Memorize Your Favorite Song

Learn the lyrics to your favorite jam and wow your crew with a karaoke night on the town. This guy will inspire you for sure.

Shoot The Perfect Selfie

We’ve all seen that photo where someone snaps a selfie and it looks like they’re trying too hard. We get it, new season, new you, new profile pic needed. But, just snapping a pic on a good hair day does not make a winning image. Have a little solo photoshoot to perfect your skills and get some amazing portraits to use as you wish. Follow these excellent professional instructions to nail the look.

Create Your own Stunning Website

Whatever you’re doing in life: starting a business, looking for a job, hosting an event, we’ve got a gorgeous website template for you. It’s free, fun and takes way less than 3 days. Create a stunning site and start the school year with your best foot forward.

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