A Guide to Having the Perfect Pictures for Your Website

A Guide to Having the Perfect Pictures for Your Website

Designing a website? It’s no secret that when it comes to presenting yourself online, image really is everything.

It’s not just a catchphrase; polished looking images on your site makes your business look more approachable, more reliable and make your site viewers feel more comfortable to interact with you. Bottom line, better looking images on your site = more sales for your business!

If you’re using Wix to create your website, we’ve got great tips on how you can make your site’s images look their absolute best.

A Guide to Having the Perfect Pictures for Your Website

Crystal Clear Images

When uploading your images, one of the most important factors you’ll want to consider is how sharp your images look. Think of your site’s pictures as your visual content. Just like you’d never put writing on your site without spell checking first, you wouldn’t want to post any visuals that look amateurish and grainy.

Not sure where to find fabulous pics? Wix has a huge selection of both free and discounted stock images that you can use on your site, found right inside your website’s editor.

Free Images from Wix

The Big Picture

If you’ve been getting complaints that your site loads slower than it should, there’s a good chance that your images are to blame. Wix takes extra measures to optimize your site’s loading times, but you’ll also want to do your part by keeping your image files under 15MB.

Size Matters

The images that you post onto your Wix website can be cropped and resized right from your Wix editor – just don’t forget to stay inside the editor’s grid to make sure that your pics look perfect across both desktop and mobile devices.

File this Under…

When it comes to your site’s images, JPEG files are usually your safest bet. The reason for this is that JPEG files are generally compressed which helps with your site’s loading time.

What about other file types? PNG files may be more your speed if you’re uploading high quality images or images with transparent backgrounds, whereas GIF files may be great for images with

flat blocks of color like illustrations and logos. Looking to switch between different file types? RIOT is a great tool that can convert different file formats.

The SEO Effect

Beauty’s only skin deep, right? Make sure that your images are serving you right behind the scenes too by adding the proper SEO considerations to each of your images. All you need to do to get your SEO cred on point is to fill in the alt text for each image you upload.

Boost your SEO With Images

Personalize Your Pics with Cool Effects

Looking to add some special effects to your site’s images? Wix has a whole bunch of image editing options that you can find right in your editor. Find out all the cool things this feature can do for you in this Edit Image tutorial.

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