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8 Things I Wish They’d Taught Me in School

Shout out to all the teacher’s out there. Those brave souls tasked with shaping the impressionable minds of young people at arguably their most vulnerable time.

Generally speaking, we can all name an influential teacher who played a role in our current career path. Whether it’s an art teacher that got us into web design or a writing course that encouraged us to get into blogging, there’s no question that our time behind a school desk played a huge part in our knowledge base today.

But despite all those years building up our book smarts, there are still a whole lot of things that we wish we were smarter at today. So we put our heads together and came up with this: the A-B-Cs of things we wish they would have taught us in school.

8 Things I Wish They’d Taught Me in School

Balancing our Check Books:

Our financial planning has come a long way since we were in school. Whereas back then we would spend our allowance keeping up with the hottest trends at Hot Topics – these days, we’re a little more conscious with our spending. And while any progress is good progress, most days we could all use a little help dividing our income between food, rent, and whatever’s left over.

Dinner Etiquette:

Your boss invited you to a fancy dinner at a cool place downtown. You’ve got the perfect outfit ready, but there’s only one problem: no one’s ever prepped you for how to say, how to sit and what the appropriate cutlery to use is for a filet mignon. On days where our dinner doesn’t come out of a paper bag, we wish someone would have taught us more about how to look our best at a dinner table.

Mastering Small Talk:

When you work at a big office, you talk to so many people in your work day. Sometimes we wish someone would have taught us more polite conversation starters to make those daily interactions well.. less awkward.

Social Media Rules:

Believe it or not it’s been over a decade since social media’s become a part of our lives. Chances are, your social media habits have changed for the best since you created your first MySpace account. Looking back we wish someone would have taught us this basic rule of social media: if you don’t want your future boss to see that post (or your Grandma), avoid sharing it with the internet.

Personal Branding:

The way you present yourself online can set a precedent for your in-person reputation. We wish someone would have taught us how important it is to own our personal domain name and create a dedicated website about ourselves. Still haven’t crossed that off your to-do list? Go ahead and get to it, we’ll meet back here when you’re done.

Loving to Exercise:

We may have hated gym class back in the day, but we wish someone would have stressed the importance of keeping physically healthy back then. If we’d listened as youngsters, maybe our joints wouldn’t be so stiff in or later years.

Home Repairs:

Turns out putting together a Billie bookshelf isn’t as easy as it looks! We wish someone would have bothered to teach us some basic home repair skills back then, so that we wouldn’t have to spend extra money on a repair person when we’re struggling today.

The Importance of a Work/Life Balance:

Sure we love what we do 9 – 5, and you better believe we worked super hard to get to the place of satisfaction that we’re at now, but there’s just one thing… There’s more to life than being a superstar in the workplace. Every now and then we could use a lesson in how to be a good friend, call our parents often and take time to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster – even while we focus on killing it in the workplace.

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