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Promote Your Site \ SEP 14th 2015

4 Email Tricks You Can Use to Build Your Business

If you’re a small business owner, having a killer product and stunning website is half the battle. The other half is building relationships and marketing your awesome services. While this can start with something as seemingly simple as an email or two, you’ll need more than just words to be successful at building your brand.  That’s why you’ve got Wix ShoutOut, the easiest way to create and send professional emails, announce sales, promote your services and more fun tools that’ll bring your biz up a notch.

Whether you’re new to ShoutOut or send 20 emails a month, you’ve come at the perfect time. These 4 new features will make marketing a breeze.

4 email tricks

Build Your Biz From Your Cell Phone

No need to sit in the office for this one, send exciting emails straight from your handheld robot. The Wix ShoutOut mobile app is now available for Android (download on Google Play) and iOS (download on the App Store). Got a brilliant marketing idea? With just a few easy taps you can shoot an email to your mailing list from anywhere. Best of all, you can add pictures, videos and more so your emails can look as vibrant as your business.

ShoutOut Mobile

Hook Your Readers in the First Seconds

Let’s get those emails opened! With only 3-4 seconds to capture your audience’s attention and get them to click, you’ve gotta be catchy. We’ll help with that by  automatically taking the most relevant text from your newsletter and use it as the pre-header (that little preview of the email you see), right next to your already compelling subject line. This little trick will give you even more hook worthy material and get more eyes on your emails.

Show Off That Stunning Logo

Brand your email and keep your beautiful style front and center every time you communicate with clients. Now you can add your unique logo to every ShoutOut, making every email you send uniquely yours. Simply upload your logo and voila! it’s added to all your future emails.

Add logo to your ShoutOut

Advertise Directly On Facebook

If you’re a small business owner, driving major traffic to your site, and getting high click through rates via email campaigns is no small challenge. We set out to investigate how to help ease this pain point. After digging through the data, we discovered something that most popular email campaigns have in common: a major source of their traffic comes from Facebook. The lightbulb went off! Putting your ads on Facebook can boost your click through rates and reach thousands of new users, all while on a shoestring budget. So, we partnered with Facebook to add a feature allowing you to advertise on the world’s largest social network in a matter of seconds.

Here’s how it works: in just a few clicks an ad is generated from content you’ve already created for your ShoutOut. Then an audience is automatically targeted based on who liked your company’s Facebook page. Have another idea? You can customize your ad and target an audience by age, gender and location of your choice. Then, sit back and watch new leads flow into your website.

Ready To Try Out These Features? Create a Wix ShoutOut Today.

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