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Wix \ SEP 18th 2015

10 Worst Office Pet Peeves We All Have to Deal With

Working in an office has its perks: unlimited coffee, fast internet, and (if you’re lucky) cool co-workers to spend your days with. But even the best offices have their drawbacks.

We asked around Wix HQ, and we came up with our list of the top moments that can make any 9 – 5 a bit of a struggle. Here are our top 10 worst office behaviors that get on just about everyone’s nerves:

10 Worst Office Pet Peeves We All Have to Deal With

Mr. Meetings Run on My Time

Meetings are a staple in any office, but we all know that one person who consistently shows up late, or worse, ditches your meeting all together. We get it, you’ve got very important things to do with your time- but believe it or not, we had big plans for that time slot, too.

Tina Tikka Masala

Lunch time is a sacred office ritual, one worthy of a dedicated sanctuary like say… the kitchen. No matter how busy your day is, it’s always a good idea to grab some down time to enjoy lunch away from your desk. It’s better for your mental health, physical health, and your relationship with your co-workers who may be too polite to ask you to take your stinky tofu elsewhere.

The Food Thief

Every office has that one klepto who can’t help themselves from stealing your delicious yogurt from the communal fridge. No matter how many labels you place on your containers, some people just can’t keep their paws to themselves. Uncool, man.

The Hotline

There are 2 surefire ways to get to know your colleagues intimately:
a) going out for drinks after work
b) having long, drawn out personal phone calls at your desk.

We don’t need to tell you which of the two will make you more popular amongst your work-mates.

The Meeting That Should Have Been an Email

Meetings can be some of the best ways to build company synergy, but they can also be the easiest way to eat up half of your afternoon. Before you go and schedule that hour-long session, think: could this be communicated more effectively via email? If the answer is yes, spare everyone the wasted time and yourself the rep of unnecessary meeting-maker.

Meetings Turned into A Personal Conversation

Asking clarifying questions after a meeting is always a good idea, but if you’ve got a whole bunch of points to nit-pick with the presenter, you might not want to do it in front of the entire room. Keep the dialogue for when you two have some time alone, and let the innocent bystanders scatter away.

Neverending Email Thread

Looking to start a brainstorming session over email? Great idea – just resist the urge to spam your entire department’s inbox and only include relevant people in the thread. It’s called ‘bcc’ – don’t be affraid to use it.

The Thermostat Police

A battle so deep it can start an office civil war, when it comes to the office’s central air – the cold hard fact is that you just can’t please everyone.

The Thermostat Police

The Chat Comedian

One of the best kept secrets for workday moral is no doubt the email chat. It’s the best place to share gossip, great music or a joke with your peers – without loudly disrupting everyone around you. But we all know that one person who’s a little too comfortable sharing buzzfeed quizzes and their favorite new songs for hours on end. How many Weird Al Yankovic videos can one person really watch?

numbers icon10

The Smelly Dog

One of the best parts about working at Wix is our dog-friendly workplace. Seriously, having a cute pooch around can be one of the best things to happen to your office and your sanity; so long as Rex doesn’t make you hold your breath from 9 to 5, that is.

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