Wix Magic: 7 Gorgeous Websites Built from a Web Template

Creating your own website? For many people (your blog writer included), the mere thought of creating a website from scratch can make you paralyzed with fear!

Thankfully, Wix has put our worries aside by creating  hundreds of easy to edit templates that make creating beautiful websites a breeze. Each one of these templates have all the bells and whistles that you need for your website: unique social icons, multi-page layouts, easy contact pages, and so much more. All that’s missing is your own unique pictures, content and links to turn your template into something that’s true to you.

Need some inspiration before you get started? Check out how these cool businesses transformed from template to a totally unique website.

Model Agency Template / Dana Foglia’s Dance

Fashion & dance have always gone hand-in-hand. By pairing a dark background with flashy images, both the website and template in this series scream high-fashion! We love how Dana Foglia’s Dance made this template their own by switching the generic gallery with a geometric grid. Anyone else suddenly have the urge to Vogue?

La-La Land Template / Danielle Ambrosia Fine Art

Sometimes your template soul mate can come in the most unlikely form. Take Danielle ambrosia’s fine art site for example – using a kid’s costume shop design probably wasn’t her first thought when seeking a template, but non-the-less that’s where she saw some serious potential. She started by customizing the template’s square layout, then she took her vision one step further by adding twice the number of pages and even a blog component to her site.

Personal Page Template / FlipMe

Talk about a transformation! FlipMe.ca is the perfect example of how a template can serve as a basis of inspiration and turn into a website with a style all of its own. While FlipMe borrowed key characteristics like a bright background paired with neutral accents, their full website is clearly a full 360 from the template they started with.

Romantic Photography TemplateRobyn Swallow

As a wedding photographer, Robyn Swallow is no stranger to making something old look new, something borrowed (like the romantic photographer template) looks even better with touches of blue! By switching up the site’s monochromatic theme with bright splashes of color, Robyn gave her site a cheerful upgrade that gives our designers a little web design envy of their own.

Web Design Studio / Sanhadja

Full disclosure: this web design template is one of my all-time favorites. Not held back by template titles,Sanhadja’s online store opted to go with a web design template that features a stylish tiled gallery. The focus on large images serves as a beautiful stage to showcase her products, which doesn’t hurt when your items look at good as Sanhadja’s.

Male Salon Template / Liz Cadadidio

Like a good haircut, sometimes a little change can make a big difference. Take Liz Casadidio’s salon sitefor example; she found her website soulmate in the male salon template, and tweaked it ever so slightly by restaging her menu, adding her own logo and including pictures of her clients to end up with a site that’s unlike anyone else’s.

Bridal Boutique Template / Makayla Designs

Makayla Designs is the perfect example of how you can take a favorite concept from a template and drag and drop your way to something that’s more your style. Borrowing the diamond design from the template’s homepage, Makayla made the site her own by changing key elements like her button layout and her image galleries.



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