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Wix Updates \ AUG 10th 2015

Meet WixEd: Our Free Web Design Course Online

When we launched Wix back in 2006, the idea was to liberate website building and empower individuals and small businesses to take their online presence into their own hands. The Wix website building platform was designed to allow anyone to create a stunning website in a quick, effortless and cost-effective way.

Several years and 70 million users later, we’re seeing this vision come to life with every new Wix site that is created. With the tool set working and the wheels in motion, we are now moving forward to the next stage – spreading knowledge and information.

Meet WixEd, our very own educational course for Wix users who want to become certified in web design and start their own business. WixEd is entirely free – the only tuition required is your commitment and creative talent. The key goals behind the program are:

  1. Teaching people how to design better websites
  2. Supporting aspiring professionals as they make their first steps in their web design career
  3. Providing guidance to small business owners for achieving growth and success

Wix Ed

Learning with WixEd

The core of the educational program is the Wix Webmaster course. Through a series of online video classes with a team of design, marketing and content experts, students are introduced to the fundamental aspects of creating and managing a website, as well as key knowledge about running a business venture. Class titles include Website Content Strategy 101, Webmaster Terminology, Intro to eCommerce, SEO 101, Accounting for Creatives, Building a Price Proposal and more.

If you think you can slack your way through the WixEd program, you are wrong. Students are required to submit homework assignments regularly and to complete quizzes that assess their understanding of threshold concepts. However, the assignments will teach you a great deal about working as a web designer. You will be asked to perform tasks like following design briefs for fictional brands, outlining a website structure entirely from scratch, conduct research on potential clients and more.

And there’s something to look forward to: once you successfully complete the course, you will receive an official Wix Webmaster certificate.

Making Money with WixEd

The purpose behind Wix Ed is to support aspiring webmasters, designers and online creatives during the first stages of their career. In addition to teaching all web design  essentials, WixEd encourages students to take on projects, create websites for paying clients and establish a professional portfolio.

Once you complete the Wix Webmaster course, you will begin building your portfolio. Each (upgraded) website that you create for a client will award you with career points and Wix Coins, which you can use to purchase cool gadgets and gift cards from the most useful retail websites.

As you advance professionally and amplify your resume and customer base, you will see an increase in your income and be rewarded for your success with gifts from Wix. It’s a double win.

So, are you ready for the challenge of becoming a certified webmaster? Sign up for WixEd and get yourself an education!

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