Goodbye Facebook: How to Promote Your Brand Outside of Social Media

Brands and businesses have been using social media marketing to promote themselves for quite some time now. And while Facebook and Co. have been good to companies in the past, 2015 has ushered in some major changes that dramatically influenced organic reach. Many more businesses are now on Facebook, and more and more content is being created and shared every day. To guarantee that Facebook users get the content that is most relevant to them first, Facebook is constantly tweaking their News Feed algorithm which in turn resulted in a dramatic decline in organic reach. While Small business owners can use Facebook’s advertising platform to easily maximize their reach, these changes made it harder for small businesses with small budgets to promote themselves.

Facebook or no Facebook, taking marketing seriously means that you need to think beyond the social media paradigm. There is a whole world of opportunities for increasing your reach to bigger audiences, and we’re going to introduce you to some of the most important ones:

Brand-Effective Website

Ask any branding expert and they’ll tell you: you can’t win at owning your online presence without a professional website. People turn to the web for information on just about everything today – if they look up your business, what will they find? When you create your own website, you’re helping ensure they get the right impression.

But having an online space that works as a reference point doesn’t just serve as a courtesy for your clients. When combined with the right tools and apps, it can turn into a virtual command center and CRM.  When you create your website with Wix, you get your own personal dashboard for your website, letting you control almost every online aspect of your business, and even some offline. And of course, creating your website with Wix means you’ll be able to easily customize your website to match your brand, and can make changes any time.

Email Marketing

Email newsletters are still a powerful marketing tool that isn’t always acknowledged by small businesses. People tend to scan through newsletters in hopes of finding interesting information or special offers. Your brand can benefit from this incorporating effective newsletters into your marketing strategy. If you’re using Wix, you can create beautiful, customized email newsletters with the help of Wix ShoutOut.  An easy to use app, it works in tandem with the Get Subscribers app, so all the contacts you collect on your website won’t miss out on an update or promotion.

Tip: With great [email newsletter] power comes great responsibility. Stay far away from any spamming techniques or wording, or face being flagged as spam. If readers won’t get the impression that you are offering true value for their time, they won’t even bother to click and read through. To get readers’ attention right at the start, make sure to use a killer subject line.

Events that Last

While it’s true that you can only interact with a limited amount of people by throwing events, and that the organizational efforts are often time and resource consuming, the type of connection you can create through a successful event is one of a kind. The chances of turning people into long-term advocates of your brand is much higher when meeting them at eye level, listening and responding to their feedback. You can substantially reduce the strains of logistics by teaming up with similar brands or individuals with similar interests. And it just so happens, there are plenty of web apps that can help you pull off your event with half the effort and twice the efficiency. Here are some we suggest:

Events Calendar: Add, display and share your events through your website with this easy-to-use tool.

Simple Google Maps: Let your attendees know exactly where the event will be held with an intuitive map, right on your website.

Countdown Clock: Start the countdown to the event for all to see on your site’s home page!

Referral Programs

If you have a client base, referral programs are an effective way of growing your numbers. They’re based on a reward system that benefits your existing clients and their friends, family, coworkers and more. Take Dropbox for example: when one of their users refers a friend to the platform, that user and their friend both receive extra storage space on Dropbox. Once they started this initiative, Dropbox saw an insane 3900% growth over 15 months.

We suggest you test it out for your own business by creating a program that fits your unique business and services, and that will resonate with your clients. It’s a win-win for your customers, and your business will be sure to feel the positive ripple effect.

Commitment to Causes

This is not some cynical advice for cultivating a good-doer image. The truth is that many brands DO stand up for good causes as part of their activities. Getting involved with organizations and groups that represent these causes is something that every brand should be doing.

By associating your business with a greater good, you send a clear message about your brand’s values and vision. This is no less important than your brand’s color schemes and logo. A good practice is to make your association with the cause of your choosing known by making space for it on your website. You can easily add a page to your site that gives information on the cause and shows your brands involvement. It’s a great way to let other people know how they can get involved, too.

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