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5 TV Villains Who Could Make Great CEOs

Let’s be honest, the best TV shows of all time hinged on our love to hate a devious villain. But what makes a bad guy/gal great? Turns out it might be the same qualities that make a CEO win the business game.

After much debate, here are our top 5 TV anti-heroes that would dominate the board room.

Stringer Bell, The Wire

While his morality is questionable, this drug kingpin goes above and beyond to protect his own. He is organized, ambitious, and well-educated (did you see him going back to school and living in that spiffy apartment coming? We didn’t). Bell is a quick decision maker and is never afraid of difficult choices, which helps him stay on top even in the wake of a coup de’tat. Not only that, he understands the street economy and keeps the Barksdale Organization afloat. His line of work may be illegal but his street smarts would get him to the top of any corporation.


Mr. Burns, The Simpsons

Charles Montgomery even sounds like the name of a high powered Executive (Good job Matt Groening). We can envision  it on the doors of a high rise office building. Montgomery’s a wealthy and powerful man that isn’t afraid of anyone. Aside from the tiny fact that he is horrible to his employees, Mr.Burns possesses tremendous strength. To top it off, he certainly isn’t scared of making tough decisions and cares little (if at all) about leaving a good impression. If these qualities were used for good he could run the world.

Cersei Lannister Baratheon, Game of Thrones

Cruel, cold, and unafraid of consequences, Cersei is unquestionably a formidable foe. She may be a villain in Game of Thrones, but she is a darn good one. Her CV includes many high power (and high pressure) roles such as eldest daughter of a Lord, Queen of the 7 Kingdoms and Queen Regent to name a few. She is politically ambitious and her talent for manipulation to get her way is on another level. All this to say, having the title of CEO just comes natural.

Simon Cowell, American Idol (and more)

Most famous for saying the tough stuff, Cowell’s criticism is often spot on. Yes, he has crushed many dreams along the way, but perhaps some of those dreams deserve to be put to bed. Not one TV judge has been able to produce top talent better than he can, or get away with saying things like, “”Did you really believe you could become the American Idol? Well, then, you’re deaf.” He’ll serve painful truth without blinking an eye but if you’re the real deal he will help you reach higher heights than any other manager in the biz.  We’d say that’s Chief level management criteria right there.

Tony Soprano, The Sopranos

Talk about a lovable bad guy. Tony Soprano is shown committing heinous crimes episode after episode and yet, he has a quality that still makes us feel compassionate and connected to him. Of course you had to murder that guy! Of course you had to sleep with that woman! No matter what decision Tony makes we say to ourselves, that was a good idea. We bet a lot of CEOs could really use such leadership abilities.

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