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Small Business Tips \ AUG 27th 2015

5 Kick-Ass Google Tools That Are Hiding In Your Inbox

Gmail is so popular it has almost become synonymous with email entirely. But Gmail isn’t the giant we know and love because of its email capabilities alone, there is much more under the hood of this phenomenal tool. 

Whether you’re spending hours in your inbox managing business communications or setting up client meetings in your calendar, Google has extra features to make your work life a little easier.

Intrigued? Check out these 5 lesser-known Gmail hacks for getting your work done. 

5 Gmail Tools

Maximize Your Email

Let’s start with your emails (at the end of the day, email will always be the bread and butter of a Gmail account). The three most important features you should know about are: 

  • There is (finally) an undo sending option!  If you’ve ever sent an embarrassing email to the wrong person (we all did) then you probably understand why this feature is a life – and even career- saver. Realized you’ve just sent the wrong email to the wrong addressee? Click “undo send” and start breathing regularly again. 
  • Ever heard of Boomerang? If you’re the “messy, creative” type, using Boomerang will guarantee that you never lose an important message or forget to follow up on a business email. Boomerang spares you from the terrifying task of remembering everything in your head. Need reminders on archived emails you need to follow up on? Wanna schedule an email you wrote to be sent at later date? Worried about losing critical data to the archives abyss? Activating Boomerang will make sure that you’re always on top of your tasks, even when you’re away. 
  • Finding yourself replying to the same questions over and over again? It’s time to draft commonly used emails and save them as “canned responses”. We always recommend customizing messages to colleagues and clients but a template is a time saver and can never hurt when you’re in a pinch.


Do you happen to be a freelancer or a small business owner? Set yourself apart from the ordinary Gmail user by opening a professional mailbox with your very own domain name. Instead of using name@gmail.com you can brand your business with your email address for a more polished look. Try out info@mydomainname.com, support@mydomainname.com, billing@mydomainname.com and more to give the impression that your business is anything but small. This alone gives the effect that you have multiple company departments catering to each customer need, and who doesn’t want that? Branding is crucial in growing your company and this is an excellent option to help with marketing and operational management simultaneously.

Chat and Hangout on Video

Sometimes a phone call just won’t do. With Google Hangouts, you’ve got free international messaging between Gmail users as well as video chat capabilities. Small business owners can take advantage of either option to correspond with co-workers remotely as well as provide customer support, all in real time. Try it out and touch base with individuals or even organize a group video conference call, all for free. Haven’t tried it yet?  Download the plugin to get started.

Get Organized

You could have every tech tool under the sun but if you’re not organized you’re not going to get very far. Fear not messy friends, Google added some features that will keep you running smoothly. For starters, you can configure your inbox in a way that makes sense to you by dividing it into sections and levels of importance. Once that’s completed, create labels and files as you see fit. Consider this like a virtual file cabinet with unlimited space. For those of us with a bit of a type A personality, you’ll be happy to know they can be color coordinated! Once your inbox is under control you can create a to do list right in your email window as a “task list”, with due dates and all. Sweet. 

Out with Microsoft Office, In with Google Drive

Most of us used to rush to download software to write papers, create spreadsheets and design presentations. That is a thing of the past. With Google Drive you’ve got the ability to create all of these plus forms, drawings, and more. The Google Drive is already inside of your Gmail account and a real lifesaver. Perks of Google Drive include the ability to access your work from any device via your email account and the ability to collaborate on shared files.  All you have to do is open a new file, add the email addresses of those you want to share with and now your whole team can look at your work and edit at the same time. This really takes professional collaboration to the next level.

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