World Wide Web Day – What Would Life Be Like Without Internet?

The world as we know it has changed dramatically in recent years, and it’s all thanks to that magical 8 letter word we call the internet. The world Wide Web was created in 1991, and ever since, technology has been taking off [almost] at the speed of light.

And that got us thinking… what if the internet had never been invented? What would life be like? For better or worse, it’d look something like this:

1. ‘Stalking’ someone would actually land you in jail

2. Having followers potentially would make you the head of a cult

3. You’d actually have to go to the mall on your day off (*shudder*) to buy clothes

4. Marketing your business would be anything but easy

5. If something ‘went viral’, medically trained professionals would be involved

6. You’d be able to tell everyone you had a salad for lunch when you really had a double bacon cheeseburger (thanks Instagram)

7. If you wanted to learn how to DIY something, you’d have to take a weekly class

8. Blind dates would be very, very blind

9. You’d actually have to know how to read a map and use a compass

10. If you tweet all day you’d get hospitalized

11. If you work in online marketing, you’d be doing…?

12. You’d have to plan your day around the actual time they air Game of Thrones on TV

13. You’d have to invite all your friends over to show off vacation pictures

14. Doing research would mean burying yourself in the library for 2 weeks

15. Don’t know how to make a rack of lamb? Whip out that heavy cookbook

16. Half of your salary would be spent on long distance phone calls

17. Websites would be places commemorating massive spider attacks

18. You’d actually need to go to a doctor instead of consulting Dr. Google for every weird (and embarrassing) symptom you have

19. That perfect selfie you just took? You’ll have to print it out and pass it around to get that praise

20. 私たちは今、行うことになっていますか?- No Google Translate for you!


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