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Design Inspiration \ JUL 30th 2015

New Beautiful & Fresh Single Page Websites

You don’t need a booming business or a showroom full of merchandise to warrant having your own stunning website. Sometimes less really is more. Take a peak at how these designers, artists and small business owners got creative, all on one page.

Buy U Collection

Talk about branding! Especially for companies with minimal product variety, this template can be the perfect trick. The luxury brand showcases a striking image, compelling logo and “Pre-order” button all above the fold.  With such a beautiful first impression, site visitors will be scrolling to the bottom (just as we did).

Byo Collection


Alpina Honey

From the moment we enter Alpina’s website we feel transported to the serenity of the Alps. The clean and crisp product images, stunning backgrounds, and well crafted text is a sweet combination. Thing we love most: their use of anchor links under each jar brings visitors to the product information in a fun and intuitive way. Since Alpina is not (currently) interested in online sales, they have done just enough to peak our interest and warrant a contact.



Brad Repetz, Design Portfolio

You’re hired! If you’re like Brad and your portfolio is what’ll get you a gig, a super simple site is the way to go. Don’t take up too much of your visitors’ time with page navigation, instead put your visuals front and center. Brad added a downloadable version of his CV above the fold, allowing anyone who’s interested in his work to get that information but not be bogged down by lengthy online text.

Brad Repetz

Claudio DiPalma, Designer 

Right off the bat, you get a strong understanding of Claudio’s design aesthetic. Clean, concise and organized, his one page website delivers every element a potential client could be looking for. If you glance over his site, you’ll see that he does all of this while maintaining his unique style. 

Claudio Di Palma


Crew Insurance

With a straight forward product it’s best to have a straightforward Call To Action (CTA). “Get Insured” is exactly that. The CTA isn’t the only element with clear direction; having the color blocked sections and a “back to top” button allows for easy exploration and digestible content.

Crew Insurance

Kelly Jones, Design Portfolio

We know exactly what to expect when viewing Kelly’s online portfolio. She even has a cute CTA in her header, encouraging visitors to scroll down (very smart). With a fun gallery to fit any size image as well as the ability to expand each and read more, we get a snackable amount of everything we need.

Kelly Jones


A food truck is fun, quick and easy so the Taco Cart’s single page website could not be a better fit. From the wild-colored header to the delicious food photos on the buttons, we understand who they are and what they’re selling right away. All we need is an address and we barely had to scroll to find it.


Taco Cart


UMass Dynamics, Acapella Group

Why put up a boring flyer around campus when you can share a vibrant website online? These performers laid out all the necessary info so visitors can get to know the troop, locate auditions, follow them on social media and most of all, listen to their music. The player includes a “buy” and “share” option, giving the dynamic singers a competitive edge.

The Umass Dynamics 

Bagateller, Creative Projects

A little online showcase can go a long way. With a simple explanation and professional photos, you’ve got yourself a stunning online business card. Just make sure to connect your site to the buzzing social channels you have already created.


Lyl Razin, Artist Porfolio

We felt a bit lowbrow to understand the art at first, but the unique pictures made us want to take a closer look. This is likely due to the site’s engaging expandable gallery which allowed us to see the intricate details and grabbed our attention. Especially with such complex images, the fixed header allows us to stay focused. We successfully felt an online museum experience.

Lyl Razin


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