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Web Design \ JUL 9th 2015

5 Tips for Turning your Site Visitors into Customers

Designing a website means more than decorating a beautiful online space. When your site’s main aim is to convert visitors into customers, you’ll want to incorporate some key tricks to delicately direct your visitors further down your funnel.

If the sound of learning about web design makes you shaky in the knees, don’t fear! There’s no perfect playbook for web design. Even if you’re using one of Wix’s easy to use website templates, you can customize any part of your website to speak to the unique needs of your customers and help them commit to making a purchase.

Check out these 5 favorite web design tricks aimed to turn your website’s browsers into buyers!

5 Wix Websites With Fantastic Conversion Flows

  • Highlight Key Elements on your Website

    When it comes to conversion, contrasting colors are king! Nothing is worse than an invisible ‘Buy Now’ button on an eCommerce site. One of the best ways to highlight key elements on your website, like headlines and calls-to-action, is to make them pop on your page with contrasting colors.

    Wix users ‘Cravy’ make their CTAs pop by using bright red

  • Point to the Right Direction

    Certain elements on your website can serve as traffic signs to where you want your visitors to go. Want them to read your page left-to-right? Up then down? No matter where you want them to go, you can add strategic visual cues to take them there. When it comes to direction cues on your website, there’s no such thing as being too obvious. Use arrows, lines and animation to direct your viewer’s attention right where you want them to go. Creating a long scrolling site is also a great way to (quite literally) lead your site viewers right where you want them.

    All sign’s point to Wix user Natalie’s contact info


  • Create Urgency

    The way you present your content on your website is key to whether or not your site will convert. Create a sense of urgency on your website by crossing off sale prices, blocking off items that have already been purchased, or by adding a countdown clock to show when your sale expires, the possibilities are endless!

    Wix Users ANELA know how to show off their killing savings

  • Show-off with Images

    In the world of online sales, your shop’s web design steps in for a salesman, visual merchandiser and window display all in one. When a potential buyer can’t physically touch a product for sale, you need to do your best to fill the void of making your item look like a must-have online. Using clear, sharp product images and multiple pictures of what your item will look like in various angles is a great way to instill confidence in your shopper. More great tips on how to build buyer’s confidence in this post on: The Best Pieces of Advice You’ve Never Heard for Starting An eCommerce Store.

    Wix users Bachelor Shoes know that when it comes to eCommerce – image is everything!

  • Keep it Simple

    What’s one of the primary principles of web design? K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple, Silly! When there’s too much going on on your website, you risk distracting your customer from committing to your desired action. Try using minimal content and clear images when constructing the layout for key web pages.

    Wix users Vanschloo’s site looks spotless

  • Testing Testing 1 – 2- 3

    Think your site can be converting better? There are so many factors that go into the site viewer’s collective consciousness that you can never truly tell which element will work best for your website. That’s why A/B testing little things on your web pages is so important. Here at Wix, we often switch up button colors, texts and content location to see what works best. Don’t be afraid to shake even small bits of your site up from time to time to test the reaction of your visitors.

Ready to take your business online? Bring in for sales by creating a website with Wix!

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