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Promote Your Site \ JUL 15th 2015

How I Used Wix To Share My Story with Half A Million People

Nina Mufleh

This is a guest post by Nina Mufleh
Check out her Wix website: www.nina4airbnb.com


Two months ago, I created a Wix powered website that received over 455,000 hits, millions of impressions on social media and helped me achieve my goal of landing interviews with dozens of companies in Silicon Valley.

I created this website because after a year of submitting my resume to hundreds of job openings at dozens of companies, I was making very little progress. I couldn’t tell if my resume was even being read for some of the roles I was applying to. One thing I knew for sure was that I wasn’t standing out because I was using the same tactics as everyone else.

Nina 4 Airbnb

I’m a marketer and a storyteller by trade, so I knew how to focus on content and refocus my job search in a way that would attract attention and generate chatter. One of the first things I did to get my campaign off the ground was create a designated website. I designed an online report that focused less so on my past work experience, and more so on what I can do for my ideal company. There was only once catch: without any technical skills, I struggled to find a developer that could build my website quickly and at a low cost. That’s when I began searching for tools that I could use to build the site myself without any coding.

Wix was the only website development platform that gave me the freedom and flexibility to design the site the way I wanted to. While they have great templates, which I’ll likely use in the future, I chose to work with a blank canvas that allowed me to drag and drop elements of my site that I worked with a designer to create.

Nina 4 Airbnb

This past week, I updated my website to include the key marketing takeaways from the success of this campaign. I hope that these lessons will serve Wix Blog readers well – and perhaps these tips will help you land your dream job too!

  1. Be Clear About Your End Goal
    When writing your content and promoting your work, stay focused on what you’d like your end result to be. Whether it’s your writing, your images or where you publish your content, make sure everything that you do is on message and supports your goal.
  2. Aim to Solicit an Emotional Reaction
    The two factors that generate conversation are either an incentive based approach or creating something that has intrinsic value, meaning it solicits an emotional reaction. When people have a strong reaction to something, they’re likely to share it.
  3. Measure Your Progress Against Your Goals
    If you realize that there are too many obstacles along the way, reassess your approach.
  4. Simplify Everything
    Make your message is impossible to misunderstand.
  5. Pick a Good Name
    Name your campaign in a way that’s short, descriptive and easy to remember.
  6. Be Unique
    Our minds are trained to recognize novelty. When you do something new, you are more likely to stand out.
  7. Know When it’s Good Enough to Launch
    Identify the important qualifiers that you need, and launch your website once they’re all good enough. Ask a handful of people to look over your site to ensure that there are no important questions left unanswered.
  8. Pay Attention to the Details and Include Personal Touches that Will Add to Your Story
    Authenticity and coherence are key. Remove details that don’t support your story and include those that enhance it.
  9. Seed Your Content
    Use your own network to get people to start talking about what you’re doing.
  10. Pick the Right Platforms
    Each social media platform has its own unique benefits. Focus on the ones that are most in line with achieving your goal.
  11. Incorporate Different Forms of Social Proof
    There are many forms of social proof, including peer commentary, expert testimonials and celebrity endorsements to add credence to your cause.
  12. Time it Right
    The timing of a campaign will determine how long its life cycle will last.
  13. Analyze the Results
    Measure the data around your campaign and analyze the chatter funnel so you can learn how to improve your next one.

To learn more about these takeaways and for detailed advice on how you can apply the lessons to your next campaign, please visit: Nina4Airbnb.com/whitepaper.

Curious as to what Nina’s up to now? Find out whether or not she got the job in this article from Inc.

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