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Promote Your Site \ JUL 4th 2015

5 Online Marketing Tactics You Can’t Skip in 2015

It has become relatively easy to create a website for your business. Online marketing, however, requires a bit more know-how. For many small business owners, “classic” advertising on TV, radio and billboards is just too expensive. Luckily, we have a number of ideas that you can implement today that work with any budget.

Here are 5 must know trends for your biz to gain digital traction.

5 Digital Marketing Trends You Can't Live Without

Content is King

The phrase “content is king” flows from the mouth of every marketing professional. Needless to say, this is THE trend of 2015. Content is more than simple marketing messages and focuses on branding, ie: storytelling, advice and entertainment. People are enticed more and more by educational blogs and webinars, creative materials on social media, and inspirational stories.

Tip for your site: Share your snackable content from social channels directly on your website using applications such as Tint and consider maintaining a helpful and motivational blog.

Content is King - Add a Blog

Video (killed the radio star)

Many of us do not dare admit it but we are suffering from an acute addiction to video. While ads on TV may be out of reach, there are loads of other places we are watching moving pictures every second of the day. You may not be a video junky yourself but, the friend of all friends, Mr. Zuckerberg, declared that video content has significantly greater reach than photos, articles or links on professional pages. We trust him. Not only that, YouTube has become the second largest search engine and many people are even watching from their phones. Why is this? Because watching a video requires little to no effort, grabs your attention and is, after all, a fairly pleasant experience. All of this is to say – it’s time to grab a camera and get filming.

Tip for your site: Create short and fun videos for your website.

Add Video to Your Wix Website

Stay Human

Your clients are smart. They gravitated towards your website, so treat them as such. Establish open communication by responding to users’ feedback in a timely and kind fashion. This is true for private messages as well as maintaining your social media channels. It is also essential to stick to your policies and stand behind your product. The more transparent you are the more customers can feel invested in your company. Lastly, it may seem like a challenging investment at the beginning, but don’t skimp on your customer support. For example, what a difference it would make to receive a message that starts with “Dear Jane” rather than “Dear Customer”. Most of all, listen to the feedback you are receiving and keep making your work better based on your customers’ needs.

While this may not appear to be hard-sell marketing, it’s what we call the long game. And it makes a big difference.

Tip for your site: Respond to inquiries within 48 hours. Keep track of user feedback and incorporate it into your business plan. Always be personal, thoughtful and respond directly to what your users are asking. Manage users’ expectations and STAY HONEST. You can even add a comments app and contact form.

Stay Human - Keep in Touch With Your Customers

Hitting the Target

Whether we like it or not, social networks and search engines collect endless information about us. Facebook knows our age, our favorite bands, our location and more. Google retains our search history and adjusts to our tastes. All of this isn’t an accident, it’s so that advertisers can target the specific people and qualities that are their most likely future customers.

Best of all, it’s easier than you think! On Facebook you can create a campaign for entire groups of users according to their origin, their interests and more simply by adjusting your audience. On Google you can check out the analytics to discover where your viewers came from before landing on your site and where they’re going after to make an educated decision on who to target.

Tip for your site: Try using Google AdWords and Google AdSense for a boost in search. When launching a campaign on Facebook, play around with your audience. We find “look alike” to be helpful for many small business owners.

Boost Your Posts – FACEBOOK by danblogro


Mobile Marketing

The number of users who access the Internet from mobile devices continues to increase. Mobilegeddon made that abundantly clear when Google announced that mobile-friendly websites would receive SEO priority. So, yes, having a mobile website is no longer optional.

Not only that, if the stats are true you’ll want to find ways to market your business straight from your hand held device.

Tip for your site: Make sure your website is mobile – optimized. Consider using apps such as ShoutOut to send out newsletters directly from your smartphone.


In the digital age, marketing is much more than aggressive sales and dollars spent. It includes building relationships with customers, sharing your story, and showing your unique style. It also is no longer limited to casting a wide net, but can be targeted to offer the right services in the right place for those that really want what you have to offer. Digital marketing, when done right, allows small business owners to find new clients and retain old ones in more direct and meaningful ways than ever before. As they say, “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

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