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Web Design \ JUL 1st 2015

8 Fashion Trends That Will Glamorize Any Website

Fashion is a multibillion dollar industry that, whether we’re completely aware of it or not, affects way more than what we wear. From major fashion houses to lesser known designers just starting out, there’s so much inspiration that can be taken from the people with their fingers on the pulse of what’s “now.” Even if jeans and a tshirt is your favorite outfit (we’re big fans of the casual look ourselves), you can still use these trends to inspire some seriously jaw-dropping web design. And if you’re using Wix to create your own website, all you need to do is drag and drop to make the fashion-inspired magic happen.
Not sure what we’re getting at? Let us *show* you:

8 Fashion Trends That Will Glamorize Any Website

Go Crazy For Patterns

A great way to make a big splash is to incorporate pattern into your site’s design. It can be used anywhere from your site’s background to your footer (Wix even has a bunch of beautiful and free ones to choose from).  But what’s hot? Geometric? Stripes? Nautical? Floral? Big? Small? The runway has your answer. Checking fashion blogs or simply picking up a glossy magazine and looking over the pages for recurring themes will point you in the right direction.


Change your background to fit latest trends

Embrace Minimalism

Sometimes, less is more. And in fashion, this fad comes more often than it goes. The same can be said for web design – utilizing flat design is a great way to make a clear statement without all the clutter. We could go on, but we think Coco Chanel said it best: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Some classic minimalist fashion brands that you might want to peruse include (but certainly aren’t limited to) Calvin Klein, Jil sander, and Alexander Wang.

Jil Sander Architect Portfolio Template

Be Bold With Color

Every season the fashion industry appoints a new color (or a few) king. Black and white and color blocking were trending for a few seasons, but you can always find out what colors will be considered “in” by browsing fashion blogs or doing a quick Google search. Once you’ve got the season’s color palette in mind, you can change the colors on your website accordingly. It’s an easy way to keep your website looking fresh and updated.

fashion trends you can translate to webdesign5

Accessorize Like No Other

Whether just for appearance like a necklace or actually serving a function like a watch or a bag, an outfit just isn’t the same without stylish accessories. The same can be said for a website – adding bits of flare with web apps and stylized bells and whistles like cute icons can make all the difference.


Creative Staffing Agency Wix Template

Create A Fierce Logo

Big? Small? Icon? Just Text? All caps? Texturized? Your logo is basically for keeps, so you’ll want to get it right the first time and have it match your brand. This is something major fashion brands understood and have embraced – even when the tide turns they stick by their logo. For example, when we say ‘Chanel’ – what pops into your head? Exactly.

fashion trends you can translate to webdesign3

Candle Shop Template

Take Typography Seriously

Fashion designers, fashion magazines, Fashion campaigns – they all put a special emphasis on Typography. If you need a nudge in the right typography direction, the glossy fashion magazines are a great source for inspiration. Pay special attention to how magazine covers arrange their text with photo-typography combos. They use typefaces that are now super popular and can work in web design amazingly well.


fashion trends you can translate to webdesign13

Surprise Birthday Template

Oversize It

One of the biggest trends in the past few years is the oversize fad. And it appears to be holding its ground! Examples include clothes that are 2 sizes too big, huge bags, and big, bulky jewelry. This trend was quick to be adopted by web designers the world over, and plays well with the minimalist approach. Think big header big header images, large text, obvious icons, impossible to miss buttons – the list is BIG.

Oversize it

Nature Photographer Template

Showcase Real People

We’ve saved the best for last! We are all for this trend which is putting the spotlight on people that look more like actual people. No more skinny models on catwalks and catalogs! The big fashion brands have started replacing unrealistic and cookie cutter models with healthy, real-looking people in their campaigns. And by real people we mean all ages, sizes,  colors and creeds. Just check out the latest Givenchy Campaign featuring Donatella Versace.

So how can you adopt this amazing trend? Just say “no!” to stock photos of retouched models. Use real people: clients, friends, family and even actors in your photoshoots. If you still want to use stock photos that’s okay, just make sure you go with super high quality ones that don’t look too staged. Bigstock has some great options that will probably leave people none the wiser.

Givenchy Campaign Tennis Lessons Template

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