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Promote Your Site \ JUL 20th 2015

11 Mega Traffic Websites for Reposting Your Content

First step accomplished – you have yourself a great website online and you’re producing high-quality content for it. But what every experienced online marketer will tell you is that in order to expand your audience and increase your site’s visitors’ rate, you need to cast your net wider. And now it’s time for step two.

In order to maximize exposure you need to re-purpose your content and promote it on various channels, preferably established websites that already get high traffic.

Where and how you do this depends on the type of content that you want to promote, but we want to help you get started with a list of some of the best options. Choose the platforms that best fit your topic and purpose, and get going on reposting.

11 Mega Traffic Websites to Repost Your Content

1. BizSugar

This website features user-generated content on small business, marketing, entrepreneurship and many other similar topics. Any registered user can submit articles, sharing tips, reviews or news updates. As a consultant or marketing professional, your content could be highly appreciated on this site. Also, small business owners of all types can share from their experience while indirectly promoting their service or brand.

2. LinkedIn

Whatever your niche is, LinkedIn is a great place to repost content already published on your website or blog. You can either post your links in a group that is dedicated to your industry, or  promote them using your professional profile, leveraging your expertise in your field.

3. Shutterfly

If photography is your business, Shutterfly is an incredible platform to use. Not only does it allow you to sell your own works for profit with minimum hassle, it also generously promotes the photographers who publish on it by adding their personal websites and contact info to their online directory.

4. UCreative

A terrific site that publishes great content on photography, design and the business of creative freelancers. They accept articles on topics like inspiration, technology, gear, advertising and more. Their content is highly visual, so when you approach them you need to have both text and images covered. Check out their guest contributor page to get an idea of the themes they like to publish.

5. Virgin.com Blog

Yup, Virgin.com is calling guest bloggers to submit their content for publication on their site. We’re talking about a powerful marketing machine with a large and diverse audience, as well as a valuable link-building value for your blog’s SEO. Their company policy is not to allow direct links to commercial websites, but even a link to your Twitter profile is worthwhile when it comes from Virgin.

Virgin.com Blog

6. Amazon Music

If you’re a musician and not yet familiar with Amazon Music, you are in for a treat. As you make efforts to promote your sounds on your site, why not leverage the power of the world’s biggest online store to sell your MP3s. You can start by offering a couple of tracks for free download. It’s a simple process of setting up an account and uploading your tunes to the service.

7. OffBeatBride

You may think that wedding websites offer publishing opportunities only to businesses who are directly connected to the industry, but that’s not accurate. Fashion designers, DJs, stylists, interior decorators, florists, chefs, arts & crafts experts, wine specialists and more can all contribute valuable content to a website like the Off Beat Bride and enjoy some extra publicity on the way.

8. CopyBlogger

This established blog is always happy to publish articles about smart marketing techniques. You could become a contributor by sharing your experience either as a marketing professional, or as the client (potential or otherwise) of marketing services. CoppyBlogger’s emphasis is on relevant and useful content, and as a business owner or service provider, you probably have something relevant to share.

9. Yummly

Using the web to promote your foodie business? You can use recipe-sharing sites to market your remarkable food talent, and Yummly here is the best place to start. Whether your business is a restaurant, catering service or nutrition consulting, giving people a taste of what you got by sharing some of your unique recipes is a great way to introduce yourself to a hungry audience.


10. Storify

Storify is great because it doesn’t require you to repurpose content from your website and package it in an entirely new form. It simply lets you post the links directly from your site and use the site’s internal social platform to promote it, enhanced by the easy sharing options for the largest social networks as well.

11. Facebook Advertising for Wix ShoutOut

A good piece of content deserves a wide reach. If you want to get your voice out there for a bigger audience to hear, Wix has a superb tool to make that happen. ShoutOut is an online marketing solution that takes your content and sends it right to the inbox of every subscriber you get from your website.

But why settle for email distribution when you can get an even wider readership by promoting your newsletter directly on Facebook? With the new ShoutOut integration to Facebook advertising, you can get the advantages of both email marketing and targeted social marketing directly from your Wix dashboard.


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