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Web Design \ JUN 18th 2015

Wix App Market: Hottest Apps of 2015 (so far)

Is your website missing a little je ne sais quoi? Maybe it’s a personal touch that will tie your brand together, or maybe it’s an added element to make contacting you easier. Whatever it is, when it comes to finding that magic touch for your website, 9 times-out-of 10 the ingredient you’re looking for can be found in the Wix App Market.

The Wix App Market has something for everyone; but don’t take our word for it, let’s see what Wix users have to say! Here are the hottest selling apps of 2015 (so far):

Site Booster:

A crowd favorite for driving more traffic to your website, it’s no surprise that Site Booster is the #1 best selling tool in the Wix App Market.

Site Booster’s Selling Point:

This secret weapon for skyrocketing your SEO, Site Booster’s SEO strategy works its magic to help your target market find you first. Wix users love this app because it does some of your most important SEO research for you by adding your business to the most traffic dense directories in your industry, all while improving your all around SEO ranking. Check out this app’s awesome demo for more information on what it can do for you.

123 Form Builder

Why is this app the #2 most popular find in the Wix App Market? The answer is science. When it comes to processing new information, our brains love lists! Studies show that lists and forms are the easiest way to digest content, and the least intimidating way to input new information.

The #1 Reason People Love This App?

Simply put, this is the easiest way to create forms of any kind, including: RSVPs, comments, contact forms, and even polls & quizzes. 123 Form Builder is available in both a free and premium version.

123 Form Builder
Wix ShoutOut

When it comes to strengthening your relationship with your clients, the #1 most successful strategy to drive more quality traffic to your website is email marketing.

Why You’ll Love Wix ShoutOut

Packing this tool in their marketing arsenal, Wix users have turned to ShoutOut to easily create everything from sales promotions to event invitations. Check out these email newsletters created with Wix ShoutOut for ideas for how you can take advantage of this amazing tool.

Wix Shout Out

Wix Get Subscribers

An ancient Chinese proverb once said: if an email was sent, and no one was there to receive it, was it really sent at all? (OK, maybe no one’s ever said that, but that doesn’t make it any less true).

If you’re looking for more people to be on the receiving end of your emails, Get Subscribers is your must-have tool! The Wix Get Subscribers app  encourages site visitors to sign up to your email mailing list in order to receive cool newsletters about promotions, updates and anything else you may have planned.

Why Wix Users Love It?

Get Subscribers is a serious time saver. By syncing with your Wix account, all of the emails added by way of Get Subscribers are automatically incorporated into your Wix Dashboard’s Contact folder so that they’re stored and ready for your next ShoutOut. Oh yeah, and did we mention this app is 100% free?

Get Subscribers

Events Calendar

Event calendars are one of the easiest ways to organize your online schedule – and Wix users know it! From event listings, to gym class schedules – small business owners everywhere include an event calendar to their site to simplify their scheduling. Plus, including your events right on your website increases your events exposure and gets more people to show up.

Why You’ll Want This On Your Website?

This app is a crowd pleaser for a reason. Inffuse’s Events Calendar is not only beautifully designed to look like it was tailor made for your website, it also automatically syncs with your Google and Events calendar so your events magically appear on your web pages.

App market events calendar
Wix Hotels

Ask any hotel owner what their dream job is, and more often than not they’ll tell you that they’re living it! But if you ask that same hotel owner what they hate most about their business, we’ll reckon that paying up to 30% commission for placing their listing on booking sites will rank high on their list.

Why Hotel Owners Love This App?

4 words: commission free booking system. List, accept and add room bookings to your website for free – and pocket 100% of the profit while doing so. Wix Hotels, we <3 it.

Wix Hotels
Social Media Stream

No must-have website list is complete without social media. It’s 2015, and anyone even slightly interested in cranking out a cool website knows that a social media stream is essential.

Why We’re Smitten for This Social App?

While both the Facebook Like and Instagram Feed ranked high on our user’s app addiction list, when it comes to a well-rounded social media presence, you simply can’t beat the social media stream. This app syncs up with all of your social media accounts so that they automatically appear right on your website.

Social Media Stream


Watch your site hit grow before your eyes – Web-stat gives you up to the minute insight on your traffic, both displayed on your website’s pages and with a behind the scenes analysis.

Why We’re Wow’d By Web-Stats:

Web-stats gives you precious intel about your website in a clear and organized display. With deep insights like what search engines people used to get to your site, what your most popular pages are, what devices people use to see your site and where in the world they’re checking you out from, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without the Web-Stat app.

Wix Music

One of our more recent additions to the Wix App Market, this snazzy new app is quickly climbing up to ranks and becoming a crowd favorite.

Why We’ve Been Singing WixMusic’s Praises

Tailor made for musicians, Wix Music not only gives you a perfect platform to play your tunes off your site, but it also lets you sell your music. Commission free!

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