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Monday Inspiration Bomb: Best Things We Saw On The Internet This Week

Got a serious case of the Monday Blues? We hear ya’. It’s not always fun to transition from weekend mode back to the full-throttle work craze. While it’s beyond our abilities to change back the time to Saturday night, we can help you with starting your working week on the right foot.

We compiled here some of the most interesting, thrilling and fun stories that appeared on the internet this week. Each has a slightly different take but they all share one thing – creative thinking. All of these stories show what happens when great minds think outside the box and follow their intuitions.

Now you take some of this inspiration fairy dust and sprinkle it all over your work duties this week. Enjoy!

Monday Inspiration Bomb: Best Things We Saw On The Internet This Week

Grizzler The Dog Photographer

Ever wondered what the world looks like from the perspective of humanity’s best friend? Nikon just launched a brilliant campaign that gets us a few steps closer to cracking this mystery. Grizzler the dog roams around the streets with a camera that reads his heart rate. Whenever Grizzler sees something that excites him, the camera takes a picture and captures that moment forever. As you can imagine, Grizzler’s photo-documentation is just smashing.

Lego Gummy Candy Is Now A Thing

It’s a little unclear how the nerd community didn’t think of this before. It probably takes a true visionary to realize that Lego’s ice cube trays can be used for more than just ice. Luckily, DIY guru Grant Thompson realized the potential and decided to share the steps with the rest of us.

Most Appetizing Instagram Accounts ALL IN ONE SPOT

You’re probably thinking: ‘Ok, so people post foodporn shots on Instagram. What’s the big deal?’ Well, we’re not just talking about your neighbor’s cousin’s cupcake photos. The guys over at Bonappetit hand-picked the most exquisite and artistic foodies on Instagram and gathered them together for your convenience. We should add as disclaimer that it’s an addictive browsing experience, so be careful.


YouTube is 10 Years Old!

Would you believe that YouTube is already a decade old?? Time sure flies when you’re watching cat videos and gaming channels. YouTube changed the media world entirely. It saw the rise and fall of many social networks and remained a powerful player in the scene. To celebrate this amazing success, YouTube staffers put together this video homage to everything that is so good about this service.

Best Flight Delay Ever

A delayed flight is one of the most hated scenarios that modern society deals with. The worst type of delay happens when you’re already in the plane, aimlessly awaiting takeoff and praying to the gods of air traffic control. Yet when these Delta passengers sitting tight in their seats saw the piles of pizza pies coming their way, things didn’t look so bad anymore!


The Pet Store Gets A Makeover

That Time the Pet Store Became Hilarious

Pet stores are not the most exciting places, when you come to think of it. Yet the brave artist behind the Tumblr blog Obvious Plant found a way to highlight their natural hilariousness. Secretly, he replaced all the pet signs with wacky titles and descriptions, turning a regular fish into an invisible creature and an ordinary bird into a Haitian Voodoo Death Bird. Anarchy at the pet store!

Alternative Mad Men Endings Explored


A couple of weeks ago, many dedicated viewers had to say goodbye to the TV series that dominated their cultural imagination. Mad Men is no more, sadly, and to make the separation even harder, it ended in a vague and suggestive scene that doesn’t answer too many questions. Not surprisingly, this ambiguous ending inspired a wave of parody reactions.

9 Words That Don’t Exist But Totally Should

The greatest things about languages is that they keep reinventing themselves. With the accelerating pace of technological change there’s more and more need to come up with new words to describe events, actions or feelings that didn’t exist until recently. Huffingtion Post is sharing their latest suggestion list for new words, and perhaps you have something to add?

9 Words That Don’t Exist But Totally Should

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