How to (Easily) Create A Memorable Logo That Clients Will Love

Free Tools for Creating a Logo Without Hiring a Professional Design

You can’t overestimate the importance of a good logo. As the core of your branding, your logo should express the essence of your business’s personality and make a memorable impression. When you create your free website with the Wix website builder, your logo will be one of the most important elements in your site design. The good news is, you don’t need to spend big bucks and hire a professional designer to make your logo. There are lots of great online resources that make it easy for anyone to design their own fabulous logo.

Go DIY – Create a logo with Wix

We’ll start with yours truly. The Wix Logo Maker is what Wix is for websites: the most powerful and complete, yet intuitive to use, tool in order to create your own logo. The plus? You don’t need any design knowledge. The tool will ask you some specific questions about your biz such as: what is your tone? Type of business? From that, it will offer your a few suggestions. And in record time, you can conceptualize, personalize and download a logo that you can use for any purpose (your website, social channels, business cards, watermarks and more).

Did you know? On top of having the Wix Logo Maker, know that if you need a free, quick and temporary solution to create your first logo, you can use the Wix Editor itself. Sign into the Wix Editor and check out the ‘Shapes and Lines’ category. There you will find geometrical and visual elements including squares, banners, arrows and more. You can also choose a more advanced design from the ‘Clip Art’ category.

Wix logo maker

More Free Online Tools for Creating a Logo

There are many services available online to help you create a logo for free. These tools use simple editors with various customization options and allow you to download the logo in several formats. Here are a few tools worth checking out:

Online Logo Maker >> Create your logo for free and edit with ease, this tool even lets you upload and incorporate your own images.

Online Logo Maker

Logo Garden >> Very intuitive interface and easy to customize. Low res file is offered for free while higher resolution versions will cost you a little.

Logo Garden

Flaming Text >> Especially useful for text-based logos and incredibly simple to use.

Flaming Text

Vistaprint >> Offers an user-friendly logo-maker and lets you use your logo for free on products you order from Vistaprint. To download the files, pay just $25.


Professional Logos for Almost Free Prices

If you’re feeling daunted by the prospect of creating your own logo, there are many sites that provide very affordable, professionally designed logos. Here are some of our favorites.

Fiverr >> Everything at Fiverr costs $5 – even a custom logo design. At this low a price, you can buy a few and choose your favorite.


10 A Logo >> Just as their name implies, 10 a Logo will create your custom logo for just $10. Keep in mind that getting your logo in all the necessary file formats will cost you around $25, but even that’s a bargain!

10 A logo

Elance >> Elance is an extensive database of freelancers packed with designers who will make your logo for a nominal price. Alternatively, you can post your request for a logo on the site and let the potential freelancers contact you.


Upwork >> Like Elance, Upwork is a great place to find freelancers to create your logo for you. You can choose freelancers based on their experience and performance ratings.


Essential Tips for Logo Design

A free logo won’t get you far if it doesn’t echo your brand identity. Here are some important guidelines to help you create your logo:

  • Select the right colors: Only choose colors that match the spirit of your company or your product. Read these tips on color psychology before choosing colors.

  • Optimize the size: Your logo needs to look good on big and small screens. Run a few tests to make sure your design is optimized for different resolutions.

  • Get inspiration: Learn from great logo designs. Check out these amazing logos and our explanations on why they are so good.

  • Come up with a logo that can endure through time: While it’s fine to adjust your logo every so often, you do not want to change it every two weeks.

  • Keep it simple and clear: People need to easily identify with your branding. Choose a logo design that is accessible and simple.

  • Choices: Create 3-4 options for your logo design. Consider their strengths and weaknesses and consult with other people before you make your final decision.

  • Simplify: Don’t use too many fonts or colors on your logo. Visitors are easily distracted by clutter.

  • Create different versions: Make sure you have a version of your logo with a see-through background so you can seamlessly integrate it with colors and texture. (For web use: PNG or GIF)

  • Get web and print formats: Once your logo design is ready to go, get versions of the logo in all the important formats: JPEG, GIF and PNG – for web use. PDF, EPS for printing purposes.

  • Make sure it is aligned with your brand identity: Don’t only focus on the sleek design. Consider what the logo says about your company. Come up with a beautiful design that truly represents your brand.

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