5 Chrome Extensions to Make Web Designing Easier

You know that website browser you’re viewing this article on? It’s crawling with hidden gems to make your web design experience that much easier.

Inside most updated web browsers you’ll find super handy extensions that, believe it or not, can make designing a website even easier. What are extensions you ask? Not to be confused with web browser apps, extensions are elements that are easily added to your web browser’s URL bar. They’re extremely useful, visually unobtrusive and at least in our opinion, the best ones are free!

Before you brave your web browser’s extensions page on your own, join us for our tour of the 5 Google Chrome extensions that we simply can’t live without!

Eye Dropper – Your True Color Detective

Ever see a color on a website that you just NEED on your website? Eye Dropper takes the mystery out of color matching by finding the exact Hex # of any shade of color on the web. Simply select the color that you want to replicate, and Eye Dropper will extract the details you need, all while never leaving your web page. Once you’ve found the perfect color, copy & paste the Hex # in paint, photoshop or your Wix Editor, and voila, the perfect color is yours for the taking!

Here’s how to add a Hex # in the Wix Editor: Click on the Design icon in your Editor menu > select colors > click the Customize Palette button > click on a color and replace the Hex # with your own!

Eye Dropper in Action:

What Font? Your Favorite Font!

What Font is to lettering as Eye Dropper is to colors. Use What Font to demystify the names of the perfect font for any occasion. This extension works to identify the name, size and color of any font on a website. Once you’ve found your perfect font, here’s how to change the font scheme on your Wix website.

What Font in Action:

PicMonkey – Instantly Edit Online

Probably our favorite extension on the list, PicMonkey not only gives you the capability to take screenshots online, it also lets you edit images from the web instantly.  More than an editing tool, PicMonkey is an website image lifesaver. Open it on any website and it will add all of the images from that page onto an amazingly useful image catalog that you can see when you click on the app. From image managing to editing, there’s really nothing this app can’t do.

PicMonkey in Action:

Search by Images (by Google)

The holy grail from all things for your online research, the Search by Images extensions does a search on any image on the internet so that you can not only find, but also accurately credit any pic you need (a lifesaver for any copyright considerations). To use this tool: right-click on the image of your choice and Google will scan the web to give you the source. An extension created by Google, in the browser invented by Google, that conducts Google searches – Search by Images is the stuff researchers dream of.

Search by Images in Action:

Personal Spell-Checker

Of course, no beautiful website is complete without great contents. And when your words need an extra layer of  protections, Grammarly’s Extension is a real lifesaver for your spelling and grammar needs. Catching those small typos on any web page, Grammarly highlights any diction mishaps just like a classic spell checker would. This extension is a real life saver when you’re crafting social media posts, emails and just about anything else on the web.

Grammarly in Action:

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