Unique Business Ideas: Real-Life Escape Rooms

You’re trapped in a room with a group of people. Your only way out is by combining your intellectual and creative capacities to solve a puzzle or a riddle. Your time is limited, so think fast!

This plot certainly reoccurs in many nightmares and it even inspired the production of several successful horror films, but believe it or not, it recently became the latest trend in adventure gaming and team-building activities. It’s called “Real-Life Escape Rooms,” and it is BIG.

The idea is simple – your team enters some kind of maze that is constructed from a series of separate rooms. Each room introduces a problem that needs to be solved in order to advance further and further, until the journey is completed. The typical problems usually involved logic-based puzzles, linguistic riddles, mathematical challenges and other thinking tasks. Because of this, Escape Rooms are particularly popular with self-identifying geeks and nerds.

The Business Appeal

Unconventional business ideas are a Wix passion, which is why we are zooming in on Real-Life Escape Rooms. We love how this trend basically transforms computer quest games into a reality adventure. Escape Rooms are succssful because they take an imaginary situation and make it real. They offer an intriguing thinking challenge that also has a real physical dimension, and by sharing it with a group of friends you’re turning it into a social experience.

Since Wix users are always on the cutting edge of innovation, no wonder several of them already joined the Escape Room trend and made a business out of it. Now they are promoting their venture with superbly designed Wix websites that reflect the clever style and creative vibe of their businesses.

Have a look and tell us what you think!

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