New Productivity Hack From Wix: Smart Actions

Today’s huge leaps in technology have made so many things easier. And yet, with so much being sped up, the amount of daily tasks we expect to get done has grown. That’s why we love us a good time-saving hack, and if you’ve got yourself a Wix website, we’ve got some pretty exciting news.

World, meet Smart Actions – your business website’s new awesome assistant who works tirelessly and for free.

What Is It?

It’s an intuitive feature that works with our newsletter tool, Wix ShoutOut, to send automatic emails to your contacts. Remember all those times you meant to send a thank you note to a client but didn’t get to it? Or when you really wanted to follow up with a customer after their purchase but forgot when something else came up? “Smart Actions” makes sure you’ll never forget another email by automating common business tasks. It operates on a simple “if this then that” logic, based on your own chosen set of requirements.  For example, you can set Smart Actions to send a welcome email to every new member who subscribes to your newsletter.

Much like your very own IFTTT assistant within your Wix account, you can choose triggers and assign automated responses to them.

How Can It Help Me?

Ready to ‘set it and forget it’? Great! Currently, Smart Actions has 12 options you can play around with. Each one serves a different purpose but they all achieve the same goal: saving you time while increasing your engagement with your contacts and potentially earning your repeat customers. Here's what you can automate with Smart Actions:

  • Thank your site visitors for contacting you

  • Invite site visitors who have contacted you to subscribe to your site

  • Welcome new subscribers

  • Welcome new site members

  • Keep in touch with your site members

  • Thank your customer for making a purchase

  • Invite your customers to revisit your online store and see what’s new

  • Encourage your customers to send you feedback

  • Invite new customers to redeem a coupon in your online store

  • Invite past customers to redeem a coupon in your online store

  • Thank your guests for making a reservation (for WixHotels)

  • Send your guests additional information about their upcoming stay (for WixHotels)

Where Can I Find It?

To create your first Smart Action: Sign in to your Wix account > from My Sites, next to the relevant site, click Manage Site > from the left side of your Site Dashboard, click the Smart Actions icon.

How Do I Get Started?

Three simple steps and your smart action will be a go!

  1. Choose your trigger and the desired action.

  2. Customize your email message.

  3. Save and go!

Once you’ve saved, your Smart Action will be live. It will continue to run seamlessly until you decide to deactivate it or edit it.

By the Wix team

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