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Small Business Tips \ MAY 21st 2015

How Your Service-Based Business Can Rock Instagram

Instagram: it’s not just a place where self-professed photo enthusiasts share photos of their lunch – it’s arguably the most powerful social media tool on the planet, and a must-have for any business’s social media arsenal!

But what do you do when your business is… dare we say, unphotogenic? If your business runs a service that’s better heard than seen, there’s no need to fret – there are still plenty of ways that your biz can take advantage of this image-centric social platform.

Check out these creative ideas that your service-based business can use in your own Instagram channel!

How Your Service-Based Business Can Rock Instagram

Show Your Service in Action!

When you run a service-based business, more often than not people turn to your biz because of the amazing outcomes that you can produce. Even if the service you perform isn’t the most aesthetic thing to look at, odds are the goal your clients are aiming for can make for pretty appealing pictures.

HR Block is a classic example of how this can be done. The tax preparation company may not have a whole lot to work with when it comes to their in-office service (let’s face it, mounts of paperwork isn’t fun to look at), but they do a great job of showing off what your tax return can do for you.

Check out what we found. #RefundSeason

A photo posted by H&R Block, Inc. (@hrblock) on

Offer Up Tips

When your industry’s main selling point is your service skills, you’ve got plenty to work with when it comes to your visual content. A strong visual mixed with text can produce valuable social content that your followers will drool over!

Turbo Tax’s Instagram feed is filled with valuable tips that align closely with the company’s objective: getting customers more money on their next tax return.

Show What Happens Behind the Scenes

Love coming into work in the morning? Let the world know! Your business is as much about the people that work there as the service you offer – so don’t be shy to show off your great office culture!

Pictures from around the office, or a crowd-pleasing employee may just remind your clients that they’re due back for a visit.


Be Inspiring

We can all use some encouraging words to break up the 9 – 5. Why not offer some pearls of wisdom to your insta-crew?

Pair that inspirational message with a stunning image and you’ve got the stuff that Instagram dreams are made of!

👍 A photo posted by Google (@google) on


Check Your Calendar

Who doesn’t love a holiday? No matter what your biz is about, a holiday or major event is one thing that anyone can relate to. Not sure where to start? Major events you should take into account are (of course) holidays, but also big sports games, anniversaries of famous birthdays, or those fun internet holidays that seem to pop up every now and then.

Tip: daysoftheyear.com is a great place to get started to find your opportunity to get festive on your Instagram feed.


Latch On to a Hashtag

#MondaysSuck AmIRight?! When it comes to Instagram, one of the best ways to get noticed is by exploring trending hashtags. Not quite sure about this hashtag business just yet? We’ve got you covered with this post on Instagram’s Most Popular Hashtags Explained.

Show your customers that you’re totally on the same wave length by posting something we can all relate to.

#MeatlessMonday #DoCupcakesCount?

A photo posted by Amazon (@amazon) on

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