How to Take Screenshots on Your Mobile Phone

You know how you have hilarious texting sessions with your mom that you really want to show your siblings? Or how you sometimes want to show tech support the error message that you’re getting from an app? What about when you want to save a funny tweet and post it as a Facebook update?

There’s so much activity taking place on our mobile phones. Information, images, conversations – all types of content that we often want to keep or share. But can you take a snapshot of what’s on your screen? Certainly! And it’s actually really easy.

Smartphones have a built-in screen-capturing feature that is activated by a combination of commands. All you need to do is figure out what’s the right combination for your device. Below you will find a list of the most common capture commands for smartphones. Just follow the relevant steps and you’ll have yourself a screenshot! The image will be saved directly to your image gallery.

iPhone (works on iPad too!)

Simply press the Sleep/Wake button on the top simultaneously with the Home button (the round button at the bottom).

Samsung Galaxy S5

There are two methods for taking screenshots with this Android phone:

  1. Press the Power button (on the side) and the Home button (on the bottom) at the same time.

  2. Tilt the palm of your hand sideways and swipe the entire screen of the device from left to right.

Windows Phone

Simultaneously hold the Volume Up button on the side of the screen with the Power button that is right below the volume buttons.

OnePlus One

This one has two options you can use:

  1. The simplest method, common on all Android devices, is to simultaneously press the Volume down and Power buttons.

  2. You can also add a screenshot shortcut on your Power Menu, so that when you hold down the Power button the option to take screenshots is there (go to Settings> Buttons> Power Menu and add the Screenshot option).

Nexus Phone

Simultaneously click the Volume Down and the Power buttons. That’s it!


This device also has two methods for screenshots:

  1. Like on most Android phones, here too you want to click Volume Down together with Power. Just don’t forget that those buttons are located on the back!

  2. The other thing you can do is to use the QuickMemo+ tool, which requires you to slide your finger up the screen and then choose the icon on the right.

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