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Small Business Tips \ MAY 12th 2015

Hospitality Biz Tips: How To Double Your Bookings This Summer

Small business owners in the hospitality industry know: summer time is a huge opportunity to bulk up your annual revenue.

So how can you capitalize on the vacation season rush? This summer, double your bookings (and your profits) with these easy to implement tips.

Hospitality Biz Tips: How To Double Your Bookings This Summer

Create A Beautiful & Inviting Website

If you’ve got a lovely accommodation space, you should have a website to match! A stunning and professional website is the best way to make the right first impression. Luckily, Wix provides the perfect commission-free solution so you can start taking bookings directly from your own website. There’s also tons of gorgeous new website templates created with your specific type of accomodation in mind. Hotel? Villa? Camping Site? We’ve got you covered. They all come with the WixHotels booking system already integrated and of course, they’re more than easy on the eyes. All you need to do is add your own images, text, pricing details and hit publish!

Wix Templates

Let People Book In Their Own Language

If a lot of your customers are coming from a different country or simply speak a different language, this is an important one. Coming to a booking page that’s not in your language can be frustrating, and it can cause people to give up and book elsewhere. By inputting your customers’ most used languages, you can provide a more well-rounded service that will translate into more sales.

Let People Book Rooms In Their Own Language

Offer Different Pricing Options

With Wix’s new advanced pricing feature, you can now offer your customers more flexible payment options. If someone wants to stay more long term, you can offer them a weekly or monthly rate. This can be a big draw for long term guests and the convenience and flexibility (not to mention discount) can earn you their repeat business.
Offer Different Pricing Options

Keep Customers Engaged

Following up with people that have stayed at your hotel is easy thanks to Wix’s new Dashboard feature, Smart Actions. It’s a great solution that sends customizable automatic emails to your guests. You can thank them for staying with you and offer them a discount code for their next stay, for example. Engaging with your customers this way brings a personal touch and lets them know they can contact you in the future for more bookings.

Get Testimonials On Your Site ASAP

Did you know a good review can directly impact your revenue? In the hospitality biz, testimonials are the best way to gain a potentially interested person’s confidence and from there, their business. Once people read about other people’s experiences, they feel they’re making a better informed decision and your hotel will fill up twice as fast. Don’t be shy – the best way to get testimonials is to ask for them. You can ask people to fill out a quick survey about their stay (emphasis on quick here). Or, if you’re confident you’ll get a good review, you can have them leave their comments about their stay directly on your site using a testimonial app.


Run PPC Campaigns On TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor’s newest service, TripConnect, let’s you advertise your vacant rooms via PPC (pay per click) advertising right on their site. This means that you can generate leads from people who are on this popular booking site. The best part? You only pay when people click on your ad, which means they already have one foot in your hotel lobby.

Ready to take your hospitality business online? Create a free website with Wix!

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