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Web Design \ MAY 1st 2015

Design in Great Shape: Kickass Fitness Sites Made with Wix

Have you finished your push-up sets for today? How about the crossfit session? Or are you more of a half-marathon kind of person? Whether you’re addicted to working out or a couch potato with credentials, the following list of beautifully designed fitness sites is likely to impress.

The Wix users responsible for these websites should be applauded both for their devotion to staying in shape and for establishing a creative, professional and effective online presence. Most of the sites on the list are promoting a small business, and their approach to it can be valuable for other types of businesses that are just now starting out.

Browse through these awesome websites and get ready for an outburst of energy.

Female Fitness Force >>

Female Fitness Force

Bea Laengle >>

Bea Laengle

Berlin Athletic >>

Berlin Athletic

Crossfit Shawnee >>

Crossfit Shawnee

DC Health Coaches >>

DC Health Coaches

Fuel Training >>

Fuel training

Optimum Fitness Formula >>

Optimum Fitness Formula

Seal Fitness >>

Seal Fitness

Platinum Sports >>

Platinum Sports

Spartan Fit >>

Spartan Fit

Zallenerfit >>


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