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Web Design \ MAY 14th 2015

9 Excellent Examples of How to Design A Modeling Portfolio

When you’re in the business of looking good, your website needs to be as beautiful as you are. Wix is the perfect place to create a modeling portfolio and customize it to fit your unique style. These models know a thing or two about getting the right kind of attention and building a brand you can’t take your eyes off of.

Wix Templates

Learn how to create a modeling portfolio from these 10 dazzling examples:

Keep your gallery clean – Michelle Bobe >>

Not only is this gallery clean and pleasing to the eye, having each image expand when clicked on shows consideration of the users experience. For those checking you out on a mobile device or tablet, this is a must.  As a model it is particularly crucial for viewers to see the dazzling details.

michelle bobe model

Ensure simple navigation – Sonja Ewy >>

A wild image collage can be fun but with a greater body of work it is often overwhelming. Divide your portfolio into relevant sections and keep navigation simple.

 Sonja Ewy

Include all relevant information – Joseph Lawrence >>

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, agencies need to know your stats. Create a page with these details and avoid them counting you out due to lack of info.

Joseph Lawrence

Use videos and name tabs – Fernanda Faveron >>

One of the many benefits to having a website over the traditional look book is that you can include your videos and commercials. Don’t forget to include these gems and title the tab so that it’s clear as day.

Fernanda Faveron

Add an About me section – Jessica Peart >>

You are more than just a pretty face. Include an About Me section to tell viewers who you are and get them excited to spend a day on set with you.

Jessica Peart

Use moving images – Holly Dawn >>

Cinemagraphs are the hottest thing right now, and the fashion world is using them everywhere. Include these moving images on your site for a dynamic look and to declare yourself on trend!

Holly Dawn

Show versatility in your photos – Melinda Michael >>

Showing versatility in your photos will let potential employers see you as a blank canvas. The more diversity, the more opportunities to be hired.


Include a printable file – Eleanor Grayson >>

Make sure to include a printable file (pdf) for all those execs and casting agents looking at your details.  Include your contact information, photos and experience so that they can pass it around and get you in the door with ease.

Eleanor Grayson

Post behind the scene photos – The Kaye Cox Way >>

In 2015, Social Media is like your own PR team. Post behind the scenes photos from your shoots and shows and make sure to use relevant hashtags to get noticed. Linking your social channels to your website is a sure fire way to keep it updated without you having to do a thing.

The Kaye Cox Way

Add an image to the header – Adam Huber >>

We are thrilled to introduce Adam Huber, the model/actor in Wix’s newest TV commercial. Not only is he dynamite on screen, he happens to have a pretty solid website.  By adding an image to the header you can see his handsome face on every page. This gives his site a refined and branded look as well as a little seduction.

Adam Huber

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