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Promote Your Site \ APR 30th 2015

Myth Busting: 9 Interesting Facts About Wix SEO

Did you just build a Wix website? Congrats! You’re now part of an ever-growing community of people who are putting marketing their business in their own hands. People may have discouraged you from going at it alone, but you proved them wrong by doing it yourself, and doing a great job at it!

But that’s the funny thing about taking a different road; sometimes people don’t believe that great things can be achieved until you prove them otherwise.

When we first presented the idea of creating a DIY website builder that allowed anyone to create code-free beautiful websites, there were more than a few people who thought it was too good to be true. And even with over 64 million users under our belt, we still run into some skeptics.

One of the misconceptions that we hear every now and then is with regards to our SEO. People sometimes question how any website built with a code-free program can still perform well on search engines results. And while we know our users sing our SEO praises, we wanted to get everything out in the clear.

01. Myth: Wix Websites Aren’t Good for SEO

When it comes to your website’s SEO, search engines like Google don’t differentiate between one website builder or another. This means that if you’ve taken the steps to amp up the SEO on your Wix website, you have as big of a chance of being ranked on the first page of search engine results as a website built by a coder.

Think your site’s SEO could use some work? Check out the SEO & Google Tips section of the Wix Blog. Oh and of course, don’t forget to check out Wix SEO Wiz, your handy sidekick that makes optimizing your site a piece of cake.


02. Myth: Products on My Wix Online Store Aren’t SEO Optimized

You’ll be pleased to hear that we add schema.org tags to describe and categorize the products in your online store. Some of the categories include, but are not limited to: price, availability, product name, etc. so you’re in safe hands.

03. Myth: Long URLs & Hashbangs Negatively Impact My Site’s SEO

Your website’s URL is one piece of content that doesn’t play a part in your site’s SEO. Just like Amazon & EBay often attribute very long URLs to their list of products and still rise to the top of search engines, the content on your website is not affected by the length of your URL.

Myth: Long URLs & Hashbangs Negatively Impact My Site’s SEO

04. Myth: The Javascript that My Site is Built on is Hurting my SEO.

When it comes to your Wix website, there’s more to your web pages than meets the eyes. Behind the scenes of your drag and drop editor, is a complex coded infrastructure that makes your website operate smoothly – this is called Ajax Crawling. In short, your site has a mirror version that is completely readable by any crawling bot while the average site viewer can still enjoy the cutting edge experience of your site. Search engines like Google use crawl bots to extract the information they need to bump up your SEO results.

05. Myth: My Code-Free Wix Website Can’t Compete with More Complicated Websites

Like we mentioned above, when it comes to SEO, search engines don’t pick favorite sitebuilders. So even while you may have taken the less-techie route of building a website with Wix, your site has a great chance of being on Google’s good side.

When it comes to your site’s SEO, content is king. If your website has all of the relevant information needed to make your site viewer’s experience a joy, than your SEO is on the right track. Check out this previous post for great tips on how to write content with SEO in mind.

Wix.com Create Your Own Website

06. Myth: Wix Blogs aren’t good for SEO

An active blog is a fantastic source to generate fresh new content onto your website, a great bonus on the SEO front. Plus, the Wix Blog comes with advanced capabilities such as AMP pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages), so that your blog articles loads super quickly when clicked on from search results.

Blog is Great for your SEO

07. Myth: Wix Sites are Penalized by Search Engines Because They Load Slowly

Over the last year, Wix has made significant changes to our user’s site loading times. In fact, we’ve become so speed-obsessed that the average Wix website will load 2 seconds faster than websites built elsewhere. If you find that your site is loading slower than it average, we encourage you to test your site speed and follow these steps to speed up your website.

08. Myth: Wix Websites Can’t Be Found on Mobile Searches

Google recently announced that they’re giving a higher SEO score to sites that are mobile optimized. Great news for Wix users; your Wix website is automatically optimized for mobile search engines after you take the time to make your site look great on mobile screens. Get to know the Wix mobile editor in this tutorial from the Help Center to make sure that your site looks just like you want it to on mobile screens.

Myth: Wix Websites Can’t Be Found on Mobile Searches

09. Will My Images Show Up on SEO Results?

If you’ve taken care of the alt description of your images like a good SEO scholar, than your images will be in Google’s good graces. Your alt tags descriptions can set for each one of your images as well as few other settings. Check out this post on How to Optimize Images for your Website to make your images SEO friendly.

Will My Images Show Up on SEO Results?


Ready to create your first website? Try one of free web templates and optimize your Wix SEO in minutes with our tailor made apps!

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