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Inspiration Bomb: 10 Best Things On The Internet This Week

The internet is a fun and wacky place. When not coding and designing new Wix templates, we like to dive into all the pop culture coolness that makes the World Wide Web so awesome and bizarre. From tech news to politics, entertainment and space, this week has been full of surprises.

We’ve collected the best of the best so that you don’t have to:


If you are living in North America and didn’t hear it’s Coachella week, you haven’t been, well… anywhere. The annual Valley Music and Arts Festival in Cali is a whimsical place where unemployed young people and the uber famous elite rub sweaty shoulders. More than the epic musical surprises (like Madonna smooching Drake), clothing stores offered “festival wear” and those unable to attend publicly displayed their FOMO using the hashtag #nochella. Among them were even some starlets. Yeah, we want to dance under the stars too.

#COACHELLA Wishful thinking…

A video posted by Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev) on

Posted by Nina Dobrev on Saturday, April 11, 2015

Welcome Back, Hillary!

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has announced she will be running for President. Again. Many had been speculating this would be the case but the news nevertheless created a Twitter explosion. Why? Jon Stewart is asking that same question.


Video Killed the Twitter Star

In case you missed our previous blog post on the new live streaming app, Meerkat, not to worry. Now the Twitter owned competitor Periscope has put on the gloves and the two are fighting their way to the top. What’s the deal? Basically, Twitter won’t allow Meerkat to automatically follow people because they have their own application in direct competition. But the bigger question becomes about live streaming apps all together: fad or lasting social channel? Time will tell.

North West Got Baptized in Jerusalem

That’s it.

Blessed   A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Can You Scream GoTs5?!

The wildly popular TV show Game of Thrones had their season 5 premiere and friends quickly became foes due to spoilers. A quick word on proper online etiquitte: write ‘spoiler alert’ before giving it away online, people! How else were fans showing their undying love? By taking pictures of themselves in big chairs of course. Even we did it.

Wix Game of Thrones


If you thought wearables were something for the future, we’re here to tell you – the future has arrived. Apple released the iWatch and it may have been there most successful launch yet. While some find it a total waste of fashion space, you can’t deny the features are pretty darn cool.

Apple Watch


Apple isn’t the only major player shaking things up in the tech world. Google decided to change it’s algorithm to give mobile-friendly websites a serious leg up. Not to fret, you still have time to make your site edits. The change will happen April 21st and we already have your quick tips and tricks ready to go.

Google’s MobileGeddon Makes Mobile-Friendly A Must

Tidal Wave

Jay Z and a load of other celebrities announced a new music streaming system. Honestly, they all looked very pretty on stage but we aren’t quite sure what this service is all about. And we’re not the only ones left dazed and confused. Rumblings have only heightened this past week as more famous artists align with the brand and the added value is still left in question.

Space News

Norway put a donut in space. Also, astronauts got an espresso machine. So basically breakfast just got an intergalactic upgrade.

MTV Movie Awards and Cats

Cats (and dogs) dominate the internet most weeks. YouTube has such a special aversion for the cuddly creatures it should be called ‘CatTube’. This week the love affair with this quirky trend went next level. Kitties dominated the MTV Movie award show and now we have gifs galore.


PS: US tax day has now passed. Woohoo! A little tidbit for Wix users: your Wix website may be a business deduction. Be sure to double-check with your handy dandy accountant – you just may be in for a nice surprise.


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