8 Tech Companies With The Craziest Employee Perks

8 Tech Companies With The Craziest Employee Perks

Who wouldn’t be lured by the prospect of a job that offers three free meals a day, loads of vacation time and a generous health care and retirement package? But as these cushy perks become commonplace in the competitive tech industry, companies are scrambling to find more creative ways to attract the brightest minds.

Here is a look at 8 of the craziest, most outrageous perks that tech companies are offering to get their employees to sign on and stick around.

01. The irresistible lure of sizzling bacon

The Los Angeles-based mobile-entertainment company Scopely, just may take the cake on the strangest recruiting perks. A bacon-wrapped cake, that is. The company has generated a great deal of buzz around their very unusual signing package, which includes a briefcase filled with $11,000 of “bacon-wrapped cash,” a year’s supply of Dos Equis beer, a custom-made tuxedo and an oil painting of the new employee.


02. Ode to the open ocean

If you’re drawn to the ocean, you may want to start looking for an opening at iCracked. In addition to the typical perks like free meals, Apple products and health and dental care, the San Francisco based company offers unlimited rides on the company’s yacht, which is conveniently docked right outside the office. And since the iCracked specializes in repairing Apple products, you don’t have to worry if your iPhone gets wet while you’re out for a ride.

iCracked - Yacht Sounds Good

03. Bond with your new boss from 5,000 feet

Ocean’s not your thing? Maybe you want to take flight! At Dropcam, every new hire gets a helicopter ride with friends and family. Best of all, you’ll get to know the head honcho of your new employer from the intimacy of several thousand feet. CEO Greg Duffy pilots each flight. Be sure to bring along one of Dropcam’s video streaming  cameras so you can show off the view to all your friends who didn’t come along.


04. Where every day is Halloween

If you snag a job at the startup company Exec, you won’t have to think up a costume for next Halloween. Every employee gets a custom-made dinosaur hoodie which, yes, you can and should wear around the San Francisco office.  Since Exec is in the business of providing on-demand cleaning services, you might find another one of their perks even more alluring. All employees get free house cleaning, although we’re not sure if that includes laundering your new hoodie.

Dino Hoodie

05. Rooftop breakfast – for you AND your “best friend”

And then there’s Wix. Sure, we’re a bit biased, but we think the perks here at Wix are creative, fun and pretty darn irresistible.

Some of our favorite parts of the job? In addition to the famously fun company parties and the fully-stocked beer fridge, Wix takes care of our whole families. (That means pets, too!) On any given day, there are a number of four-legged team members who show up to work alongside the designers, developers and SEO pros. Best of all, the puppies don’t have to feel left out while their owners enjoy made-to-order omelettes overlooking the Mediterranean Sea on the roof of our Tel Aviv offices. Each floor at Wix is stocked with a bucket of doggie treats for all of our furry friends.

Want to join our team? Check out the Wix Jobs page and see if we have an opening that fits you. Sorry, no dogs can apply.

Wix Dogs

06. A job worth dying for?

You’ve heard about the incredible benefits of working at Google, but this just may be the best company to work at until you die. If not for you – than at least for your spouse. In addition to their many restaurants, great health insurance and onsite massages, when a Google employee passes away, their spouse or domestic partner receives 50% of their salary for the next TEN years and their children receive $1,000 a month until they turn 19 (or 23 if the child is a full-time student.)

A Job Worth Dying For...

07. Get paid to NOT come to work

Those SEO geniuses at Moz realize just how much their employees don’t  want to come to work all the time. Not only do they offer a standard of 21 vacation days for their employees, but they also give out a $3000 reimbursement for vacation expenses like hotels, flights and restaurants. According to the company, team members have gone everywhere from Iceland to India with the extra cash.

Moz - Get paid to NOT come to work

08. Ask – and you shall receive

If time off is really your thing, Ask has a vacation policy that is literally unbeatable. Apparently, one question you don’t have to ask your boss there is, “Can I go on vacation?” They have an open vacation policy, which in real life means they trust employees to take their breaks when they need them, whenever they need them!

Ask - and you shall receive

What are the best perks companies can offer to attract and retain employees? Let us know by dropping a comment below!

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