5 Tools To Amp Up Your Website’s Conversion

A must-have for any marketing toolkit, a good website does more than tell people what your business has to offer, it can be the driving force for turning a browser into a buyer. But it’s not enough to simply get people to your website, what you do once you have a potential customer’s attention is crucialWebsites can be the ultimate tool for making a great sales pitch. They’re the perfect venue to get all the points across about who you are, what your business does, and what exactly you have to offer. With a brief and easy to find introduction about what your company does, with a few highlights about your features and strengths, your website can set the stage to reel in new users who were searching for a business just like yours. But now that you’ve wowed your site visitors with your first impression, your site can be so much more than an introduction to your company – it can be an online hub to churn profit on the spot.

Ready to see your sales numbers climb? These easy to add tools (found right in your Wix Editor) will do wonders for your conversion rate.

Convert Them With Coupons

While you have your site viewers’ attention online, try an extra push to seal that sale by offering a coupon. A small but meaningful step, coupons can be added automatically to any Wix Store! Find out how to add a coupon to your new Wix Store in this tutorial.

Entice With an Email

Email marketing is one of the most effect ways to build brand loyalty. After all, your best customers are repeat customers so keeping in touch with new offers is invaluable. Ask your site visitors to sign up to your business newsletter by adding a newsletter pop-up to your website.

You can even encourage people to sign up to your newsletters by offering a discount code upon submission. Add a newsletter pop-up with the Get Subscribers App, powered by Wix ShoutOut.

Command Their Attention With CTAs

When it comes to getting the point across in your marketing material, more often than not a short, simple and concise piece of content will perform much better than the most sophisticated of sentences. There’s no better way to prove this point than with a call to action (CTA) button. Even though it’s often the smallest text space on your website, a cleverly constructed CTA can be driving point between what your business is offering and your next sale. Get tips on constructing a fool-proof call to action button in this previous blog post.

Start creating your own call to action button today by simply adding a linked button to your Wix website.

Boost Sales with a Blog

Have a hot new item in your product line? Adding a new service at your spa? Why not showcase the big news on your own blog! Adding a personal blog to your site with real life examples of your product in action can be another way to further convince your client that your items are a must-have. Bonus: blogs also add a stream of  relevant and fresh content to your website, which is great for SEO.  Here’s how to add a blog to your Wix website.

Help Clients Find What They’re Looking For

Customers who can’t find your products can’t buy from you (duh). Help site visitors find exactly what they’re looking for by making navigating easier by adding a search bar to your website.

When incorporating a search bar, make sure to place your bar in an easy to find space that’s above your website’s fold, like right in your header, so that there’s no missing it. You can add a search bar to your Wix website by adding the Site Search App from the Wix App Market.

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