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Promote Your Site \ APR 8th 2015

5 Online Tools You Must Have In Your Wix Arsenal

When you set out to create your very own website, you want to make sure that you come prepared. If your upcoming website happens to be a Wix site – you’re in for a treat! The Wix team is here and we will make sure that you have all the guidance and support that you need on your journey to create your website.
As part of our training program, we created a list of five valuable online tools that can massively improve your Wix experience and your online presence overall. All five tools are available directly from your Wix dashboard and can be activated with a few quick clicks.

5 Online Tools You Must Have In Your Wix Arsenal

Wix ShoutOut: Powerful Newsletter Tool

Sending newsletters is one of the most effective methods of online marketing. It keeps you in direct contact with your most relevance target audience and is a fantastic way to keep it engaged and updated. Wix ShoutOut is the ultimate Wix solution to email marketing. This tool allows you to easily create and manage a mailing list, design powerful newsletters and distribute them to your subscribers.

Check out these 10 Wix users who use ShoutOut and see how they make email marketing work for them.

New ShoutOut Styles
Wix Hotels: Excellent Hotel Booking App

If you’re working in the hospitality and accommodation industry, this tool can really impact the way you do business. Wix Hotels is a smart booking app that includes online and offline payment options, room categories, a smooth and simple interface and seamless integration with your Wix site. The best part? You pay no commission whatsoever. Your reservations, your money.

In case you’re searching for web design inspiration for your hotel site, here’s a list of beautiful Wix sites from the travel industry to get you started.

Wix Hotels
Site History: Smart Versions Manager

Whom among us hasn’t made a critical design mistake and prayed for the previous design version to come back to life? Site History is the tool that answers your call. Available in your Wix dashboard, Site History lets you restore older versions of your website with a single click. You can even make things easier by naming and flagging versions that are critical for you to have.

Site History

AdSense: Profitable Ads App

Not many website owners realize that the incoming traffic to their sites could easily become an additional source of revenue, simply by adding the Google AdSense app. AdSense is the most popular and successful online ads system currently available and it’s also the easiest to manage. You can customize the layout and design of the ads to make sure that they sit well with the overall site design. Once the ads are live you generate revenue from Google for every click. Pretty sweet, right?


Get Funding: Effective Donation Collector

This tool is especially useful for charities, organizations and individual non-profit websites that need financial support from donors. The three most significant advantages that Get Funding offers are:

  • The app’s visibility on your website highlights your cause to visitors and allows them to view the funds counter to encourage further support.
  • Easy and quick transactions through Paypal.
  • Embedded social sharing tools that let users share your campaign and their donations with their own communities.

And while you’re at it, you might want to check out this guide for non-profit website owners for more useful tips.

Get Funding
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