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Web Design \ MAR 31st 2015

Some Cute Wix Features To Try This Spring

Spring has sprung! And while there are a lot of places in the world where snow might still be falling, the March Equinox has officially declared winter over for the Northern Hemisphere. All that to say… if you’re looking to freshen up your site with some new bells and whistles, we’re here to tell you you’re in luck. Here are some of our favorite new features and updates that you can incorporate into your own Wix website.

Hottest Wix Features To Try This Spring

Organize Your Gallery Images

If you’re obsessed with organization like us, this is going to be a fun one for you. Keeping your gallery nice and neat and organized just got so much easier and intuitive! This feature lets you drag and drop (a Wix concept that will never get old) your images easily into place. This also means that next time you add photos to an existing gallery, putting them exactly where you want ‘em is a cinch.

How to use it: From inside the Wix editor, click the Add button from the left panel > Click Gallery > Choose a gallery type > Double click on the gallery to open the organize window

Image Gallery

Rollover Image Effects

A simple, yet super effective way of engaging your site visitors. This app gives you the ability to create cool hover effects on your images and buttons, making them extra eye-catching and clickable. Ready to add this super fun feature to your site? Get started, here. 

Roll Over Effect

PayPal Button

This famous service likely needs very little introduction. What the button does however, is let you accept payments and donations in multiple currencies, securely from your website. Everyone loves the option to pay with PayPal, and this solution makes it easy on everyone.

How to add it to your site: From inside the Wix editor, click the Add button from the left panel > Buttons & Menus > PayPal Button

PayPal Button

Mobile Version of Google Calendar

Everyone knows that Google Calendar is a great addition to your site. It makes it easy to keep your site visitors up-to-date on your upcoming shows, amazing events, availability and more. But the latest update to this awesome app means that your site visitors can get all this info on the go! As we’re now living in the mobile age, this is a major advantage to have on your site.

Google Calendar

Back To Top Button

If you’ve got a long scrolling website, having a back to top button is a must. What it does is give your site visitors a way to easily scroll to the top of your site with a handy little button, saving them time and frustration and keeping your site’s bounce rate at bay. This feature provides that ability while giving you the option to select the style, position, size, colors and more so it matches nicely with the rest of your site’s design. Best of all, this little button is responsive and will resize and react to fit in the bottom right corner of your screen – no matter what device you’re on. Good and ready to add it to your site? Get it here. 

Back to Top

New ShoutOut Styles

You read right! If you already use ShoutOut, go check ‘em out now. If you’re new to ShoutOut, let us quickly fill you in: ShoutOut is a Wix app that lets you send beautiful and customized email newsletters to your contacts. And now, there are even more beautiful styles to choose from!

New ShoutOut Styles

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